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  1. crazy waiting for orders...

  2. stay same like that for 3 days, the order will be automatically marked as completed
  3. contact CS they will ensure the possible solution for you!
  4. same case happened with my gig.... i then replaced with another image then it got succeed.... sad to hear that your account got disabled... hope you will get it back soon
  5. Katta waiting for the buyer review

  6. No bro you have to wait for your turn... You can use seo techniques and keyword methods to rank but I don't guarantee that you will get your gig on first page!
  7. Welcome back Guyss

  8. When a buyer cancels the order you can approve or disapprove.... if the buyer is reasonable you have to approve the cancellation. otherwise if you have done it correctly and done it clearly then you can go to CS
  9. you're right bro.... i just noticed... the complete sentence is mine!
  10. That's not right bro.... you can find the keywords easily with the help of some extensions.... Fiverr is always beginner friendly.... you can create account and gigs for free unlike other freelance sites.
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