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  1. Hello Mates, I hope you are doing well. Recently I want to promote my gig in social media platform that is why I want to hire a guy through fiverr who will do this job. Is it gonna violet TOS ? Thanks Pratik Mojumder
  2. Thank you for your reply. Would you please say me how to create custom gig?
  3. Try to improve your English . You can use Grammarly .
  4. Thank you very much . Please keep me in your prayer.
  5. Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well. I have been facing a problem for somedays. Is it okay to sell a service which is not included to the gig? Say for example I can do simple video editing job but I am not professional that is why I did not create gig on video editing. Now, One of my clients want to use me to edit his video. SO MY QUESTION IS, Can I sell video editing service by using my photo editing gig ? Thanks Pratik
  6. Please don't mind. I think at first you need to improve your English skill.
  7. Thank you very much to all. Love you guys. ❤️
  8. 15th august, a remarkable day in my life. I have received 100 reviews and Level two seller badge today. I know there are a lot of sellers in fiverr who are level two seller but it is very special to me . Please keep me in your prayer . Stay safe and stay with fiverr. Love you guys. Thanks Pratik
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