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  1. Hello mam, Thanks for activity participating in the forum. Have you successfully received the TDS refund by this process? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks again, Omkar 😃
  2. Hello everyone, Thanks for activity participating in the forum. Has anyone successfully taken the TDS refund form Fiverr ? Please guide us about this process. Thanks in advance 😃
  3. Hello everyone, I have got into a similar situation, the client has directly placed the order but not submitted the order requirements yet. Also client is not responding to my messages. The good thing is the order countdown has not started yet. What should i do in such a situation? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Everyone! I have question that, the buyer has placed an order but he has not provided me with anything (requirements ) for starting the project. I contacted him many times to, but he is not responding to me but the order count down is not started yet. I want to ask that, will it affect my profile. Please give me suggestions what should I do now
  5. Hi everyone!! I suddenly got deranked after completion of a big order. Before i was ranking on first page but now went directly on third page. I received an order of 70$ and delivered it within a day with a 5 start review. Have anyone faced a similar problem before? Please suggest a solution to this issue. Thanks in advance, OG
  6. Hii GG, I had followed all your instructions and reported the copycat four days ago, still no action is taken on him. Moreover the seller has started ranking on first page. Please guide me… What should I do in this situation. Thanks OG
  7. Thanks for your help Juli =). I have reported the copycat seller today. Lets see what happens.
  8. Nope. I wouldn’t do that. Why approach a thief “gently” as if you owe them kindness for stealing from you!? I have read in the forums over the years where a seller has done this “gentle” approach only to be chided by the offending seller/thief and cussed out. See what being a “nice guy” can get you? Thieves need to be dealt with accordingly. Report their profile. Period. Let their mother be “gentle” with them when they err. This is business. GG image823×665 28.6 KBHii GG, I totally agree with you. Copycat sellers do not deserve to be treated gently. Can you please guide me? If our description is copied by a copycat seller, what information should i provide to the customer support. Please give a sample paragraph that you would enter here to remove the copycat. Thanks in advance =) Omkar
  9. Hiii, thanks for your answer. Have You faced this situation before? Did you followed the same steps to report the gig? thanks, omkar
  10. image809×850 30.6 KBhii sir, can you please guide me. What should i enter in second text box? please help. Thanks in advance =) omkar
  11. image813×542 25.5 KB image809×850 30.6 KBhii sir, can you please guide me. What should i enter in second text box? please help. Thanks in advance =) omkar
  12. Hiii sir, how do you take action in such a situation? Contact customer support or report the gig?
  13. Hiii , how did you reported the copycat seller?? Did you reported the sellers profile or contacted the customer support? Please let me know what steps you followed to remove the copycat. Thanks in advance Omkar
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