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  1. this is very sad moment but I think you can rank your gig soon just wait and stay remain online and gig keywords and thumbnail is so important
  2. when my man welcome back to fiver family .
  3. this is very scary but don’t worry i am also facing the problem .
  4. first of all i appreciate you , stay remain online . if you gig thumbnail is good then you get lots of order
  5. you need to create eye-cathing gig thumbnail this is very helpful for you
  6. I agree with you there are connection
  7. first of all welcome to our community . hope you can make your dream
  8. always support you , hope you can. 😍
  9. don’t worry i get my first work 9 month later . so stay remain online
  10. don’t worry you make an order soon if your gig is rank.
  11. okay don’t delete this gig just wait and remain online i am also face a same problem , i have 40 reviews but still face this problem . so don’t worry .
  12. first of all welcome, i think you don’t face any problem here
  13. don’t worry remain online 7 days if you gig still one last page then delete then gig and create new gig at low competitive keyword . and write a good description without copy paste
  14. hello tvint , first of all you make 7 gig and remain online as you can , i got my first job 9 month later so stay online and chill man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  15. first of all welcome , make a great gig and remain online , thanks .
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