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  1. Hi Perfectminhaj…Sorry to hear about your experience. If it’s only the delivered gig image you are worried about then you have a feature wherein you cannot show it in your portfolio by disabling ‘LIVE PORFOLIO’ from your gig drop down option. However the bad ratings will still remain.
  2. To increase your gig impressions work on the SEO part of your gig to rank higher. In order to increase your clicks get an eye catching thumbnail for your gig. A good description of your service will then improve your conversion chances. Previous reviews do act as a catalyst to give you a push but that is not the only sole chance for you to get new orders. Hope this helps you. All the very best…
  3. No it won’t be considered as LATE COMPLETION. The first delivery you have made on time. Revisions post that at any moment won’t affect your on-time delivery stats.
  4. Hello Hawaiikristijan, You did the right thing by directing this matter to CS. Did this have any effect on your stats??
  5. Sorry…you can’t reduce the price once the order is placed. You can leave a message to the buyer if he or she wants to make a purchase in the future you can adjust the price then. Your regular clients will definitely know the correct price you offer for what they want. Regarding the cancellation part - Yes, you can definitely go for a cancellation if the buyer requirements are beyond what you offer in your service. The worst part will be that it would effect your gig stats. That situation would be something that I would put in two words - BAD LUCK.
  6. Hi Jsmccloud. Welcome to the fiverr community. The issue you stated has been a long pending problem with fiverr. Sometimes the buyers directly go for the purchase without involving in a conversation with the sellers. Thus there might be issues of incomplete submission of requirements or a final price. If the order is placed, you can have a conversation with the buyer. If price is the issue then you can message the buyer your conditions and offer the gig extra feature there. If they accept it that should solve that part. Regarding the line - “PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE”, I would suggest you to keep it as some buyers do engage in conversation with sellers prior to proceeding for an order.
  7. Any fall in your stats does unfortunately have an effect on your gig ranking.
  8. Hi Umerwebgeek, I understand that your order completion rate has fallen to 83% 😔. The number of orders won’t make the difference that you are looking for. Just ensure that there is no further cancellations in the next 60 days and it should be back to 100%. Best of Luck. Tc.
  9. Hi Sukaragoz. Welcome to the Fiverr community. Hope you enjoy your journey as a Fiverr freelancer.
  10. Hello Mostsuma, I wonder how sharing on social media gives you impressions :thinking:. It can give you clicks at the most. Anyways to get impressions you need to do proper SEO of your gig title and description, include keywords and so on…I am sure you will find many posts related to this in this forum. All the very best. Hope you get over this hurdle quickly…
  11. Hello Umbrjaved, Last week I had done my first withdrawal from Fiverr. I just got one notification, just as the case is for you, from Payoneer. But the transaction was smooth and within 24 hrs the amount reflected in by bank account. Hope this helps.
  12. Hello Ursa_deban. Welcome to Fiverr community. Regarding your query, if you have made the order delivery and the buyer doesn’t respond - do not worry. Your order will marked as complete automatically after 3 days of delivery. It won’t affect your ranking or completion rate. Your payment will be reflecting on your balance as usual after 14 days. Hope this helps.
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