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  1. I’m interested, sign me up
  2. I want to buy the PS5 so bad, but still, it hasn’t been launched here, seems like someone bought the PS5 trademark earlier than them here
  3. You should try to create a new account in that case
  4. Are you trying to login from your fiverr account into it ? Or, have you signed up for an account there, I am just asking these questions as you cannot login to fiverr affiliates with your normal fiverr account. To login there, you need to create a new account on fiverr affiliates because fiverr and fiverr affiliates are different things
  5. So I should split orders into 7-8 orders with 15 files each to have them protected with watermark? Go for 3-4 orders as these much orders won’t raise a red flag in the mind of new potential buyers seeing your gigs and also they would be easy to review for the buyer, but don’t do all four orders at once, maybe one by one would be nice and also congratulations for getting a big project !
  6. Me too. I have a browser window with Fiverr open, I am looking at my order, typing response, I get a notification in a bubble that I have a message from the buyer, I have to copy text refresh the page then read the message and paste it. Sometimes I have red mark over messages and I refresh multiple times but it doesn’t show them. Only after I close and open in a new window. And many more bugs like when sending custom offer I write my proposal in the message box then click on the select package, it erases my message without possibility to return it… Also, sometimes when messages come from buyers immediately after we have messaged them, we often don’t receive notifications of the messages
  7. It seems that there’s a group of sellers who would welcome it, as well as some buyers, too. As you’ve seen in your own topic, though, the majority of those who voted are against it, so if it ever gets implemented, I do hope it’s going to be optional, and that we won’t be forced to use it. Yup, I agreed to you on this point and yes, we got a lot of mixed responses from the community regarding this
  8. Once you spend a bit more time on the forum, you’ll understand. Time after time after time we keep seeing people complaining that they got banned for no good reason, and then it turns out they broke the rules (which they either didn’t bother to read, or they found them inconvenient so they kept breaking them). And they keep arguing that there’s nothing wrong with what they did, just like you kept arguing for a while, because it’s easier for you to communicate via Discord. Only if it was optional. There are many sellers who don’t want (or need) long discussions, and there are way too many buyers who want to talk endlessly about their project, plus everything else they happen to think of. Agreed, I need an app right now (pretty complicated) but it is very hard for me to go to different sellers and explain them the things one by one, I could use the buyers’ requests but it seems that many of the good sellers don’t go there and I don’t want to hire a newbie right now as the app needs to be professional and I am even willing to pay in 5-figures for it. So, a calling feature would make my life so easier
  9. I found this and maybe this can help https://www.fiverr.com/intellectual-property You can send your Notice to our designated DMCA / Copyright Claims Agent at: Fiverr International Ltd. Attention: DMCA / Copyright Claims Agent 8 Eliezer Kaplan St. Tel Aviv 6473409, Israel Telefax: 972-3-6317882
  10. I was also shocked to see this kind of response Annotation 2020-07-21 2048181352×335 26.5 KBHere, you can see gigs impressions, they are getting better day by day which is a bit confusing as I’ve never experienced it before
  11. Yes, I know but one day, I got 3 orders in queue and after that I thought of doing an experiment to increase the prices as I couldn’t handle more customers, so I increased my standard and premium prices and to my surprise, my gigs started ranking higher
  12. That’s great bro! Could you share with us what were those changes you made?? Yes, not much, I just tweaked the description to add the keywords where they were necessary and increased the prices.
  13. Annotation 2020-07-21 2018331437×730 33 KBI have got pretty good results after doing changes to my gigs after analytics were back Also I am getting regular inquiries
  14. Is the targeting detailed or does it give a simple interface with very less targeting methods, also can you please let me know the target CPC, you are getting, also in my niche, I think the first row is full of promoted gigs and those guys have 33 orders in queue with their basic starting from around 50$.
  15. Scammers don’t intentionally send viruses. Scammers are trying to GET something from you – usually money or information. They send bogus links and redirects. Hackers send viruses. Yeah, they are pretty much near to one another, like if the viruses would’ve gone in her PC, then maybe the hackers would’ve tried to steal info, money, etc, etc
  16. If someone doesn’t give you enough info for a order and sends you a harmful virus instead of the main content, what you’ll consider that buyer? Won’t you consider a buyer who sends you random text for a proofreading gig, a scammer?
  17. Yes, I tell them it is against the ToS, report and block these guys right away, but sometimes letting the opportunity of getting a huge order going away due to all these also hurts
  18. I don’t know about everyone but I am tired of reporting people. every 4 out of 5 people who message me demand for a phone call. BUYER 1 BUYER 2 And, there are lots of these kinds of creatures
  19. We can take some idea of what gigs we can make around the services we’re offering, so sometimes this definitely helps
  20. You should be more worried about getting your account banned, since your buyer is claiming you have, at least, two accounts. From the screenshot: The context isn’t much clear I think, talent has multiple profiles can mean different things, I am not sure but it is sure that this can get him into trouble @designpro1995 Try communicating with the buyer and making her understand how the buying process on fiverr works
  21. Yes, and everyone whether they are buyers or sellers agree to the ToS after signing up so there won’t be any meaning of repetition
  22. Another post, 5 years ago, you told that the quality of the video call is trash, has it improved in these years or it is still the same?
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