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  1. Hello Try using a pc or a tab for number verification Some of fiverrs website doesn’t supports on android devices So better use a pc for managing this Thank you
  2. Hello Welcome to fiverr Please checkout the link for suggestions
  3. Hello Welcome to fiverr Please checkout the link for tips
  4. Use familiar words and tags related to your gig
  5. Fiverr updates buyers requests at a particular time After few hours, as the buyer accepts offers provided othres or for some other reason the buyers request disapears So try reply to the requests as soon as possible When it appears Thank you
  6. Hello :raising_hand_man: If you are new to fiverr world And created your first gig , then keep updated with buyers requests that you receive Provide them best offers that you can Always keep in mind that you put an honest price for the service that you provide Using polite and formal words can drive customers attention Thank you
  7. Fiverr takes 20 percentage from your earnings That you earned from orders
  8. Keep updated on buyers requests and provide offers for their requests
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