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  1. He is trying to help you understand the rules – which you did break. Fiverr flagged your account, as a result, as they do to many other sellers to break the same rule(s). Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of how you feel. You DID break the rules (which are stated in the Terms of Service). This is a matter of how Fiverr responds to those who break this rule. Thanks for clarification, hoping to get my account back and I will make sure I read and follow all the TOS.
  2. You aren’t allowed to deliver an incomplete order. Even if you do continue your chat through the inbox, take screenshots of the full conversation and when the session is complete, submit these screenshots on your order page for proof of completion. Did your account get banned? Or did they issue a warning? They are saying that my account is restricted, i cannot access it until they review it. thanks for the advice, next time i will deliver screenshots of all the live convo. Just hoping to get my account back
  3. Ok, no problem. What are you helping here, are solving or making it worse. Do you even mind how I feel right now?. That’s for your help but you are way too harsh. Why??
  4. Yeah, I mentioned " Hello dear, we can continue with the work at my inbox(Chat) while I give delivery here"
  5. Is it possible that Fiverr just Promoted my account to Level One then within few hours the account is flagged without even a single warning??
  6. Very helpful, hoping to read all TOS but am a bit confused since I provide live chat services and the only way to do this is through my inbox
  7. That’s your problem, right there. You can’t ask for the buyer to accept work that has yet to be delivered. Flagging your account was a right call. Maybe you should give Fiverr’s ToS a thorough read before providing any services on here. I see but atleast they could have given me a warning, my warning days were 30/30
  8. They flagged my account few hours after promoting me to Level One Seller, I just don’t understand
  9. Thanks, but they did not give me any warning. Fiverr just flagged my account, I think I did a mistake but at the same time I delivered the work and my clients are happy. Am a new seller and I sometimes fail to understand fiverr’s system
  10. Hello, Today I just woke up just to find my account has been flagged for delivering blank work. I usually do relationship advice, sociology and psychology, the service needs live communications so I preferred to use my inbox a delivery channel since Fiverr doesn’t allow communications outside . I would agree with my client to complete the order then we would chat and solve their issues as we arrange on sessions. My question was, what is wrong if we agree with my client to just complete the order and I’ll continue on my inbox (live chat) ??
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