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  1. Bangladesh in the most horrible condition If you are not aware of yourself, the next day from Bangladesh will be a very horrible situation
  2. How many Covid19 [ + ] In your City ??
  3. I would question that information. Singapore closed their borders completely a long time ago. They don’t even let in some people who stick outside and residing in Singapore and suddenly they will allow people from Your country to fly here with covid already? Nah, I highly doubt that. One person from nearby country tried to do that on his private jet to treat COVID in Singapore and after that government made an announcement that they wouldn’t allow that anymore. So o advise you to double check this information. To day Death Health minister !! Covid 19 , Also Cross 84000 Thousand Covid19 + only 2.3 month , there cinna is 82000 Covod19
  4. They are lying like this, but are going to Singapore for their own treatment,
  5. But various ministers there say that we are a prosperous and developed country like Singapore !!
  6. In fact, the condition of the medical system in Bangladesh is very fragile because the health minister himself went abroad for treatment
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