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  1. I have got your points. But I have a question and that is, If we take 2 mins minimum to read and write the description then it seems that 30-50 people already sent the request. so, will the buyer read my description on that lower position?
  2. BD Higher officials are not responsive that much with full of corruptions .And the general people also very much unconscious regarding Corona Pandemic. Almighty Allah only knows where it will stand by the end of day.
  3. Did you try to get orders using buyer requests? Try to focus your expertise to them including what they want. I hope it will be helpful to get first order
  4. Make sure to build up your skills but if you are skilled enough,you are welcome to Fiverr
  5. thanks for sharing your valuable experience and thought.
  6. what’s the gig category you are working for? and how many gigs do you have so far?
  7. How are you all? It’s pleasure to be on fiverr. It was tough to manage time for the marketplace for a job holder. But I have done it finally. Hopping to build a successful career with my experience on fiverr. Everyone be safe from COVID-19 and use your valuable time on Fiverr. Thanks.
  8. You are welcome. If you get anymore tips. Share with us.We are international brotherhood.
  9. Thanks for sharing your valuable thought. I have a question. within 1 minute ,it seems that 20-40 sellers already have sent offer on buyer request.so, in that case if we take minimum 2 minutes to read the request and send the offer then will the buyer read my offer on that lower position in serial? It’s confusing me .
  10. The more gigs, the more buyer requests.And better to have min 2-3 category of gigs. I get the result in this way. Try to be online most of the time and observe. Sometimes, within 10 minutes you will get 20-50 buyer requests. And again it will show empty. I observed this.
  11. So far I know, it depends on the number of gigs and activity to be online most of the time. I also want to know if something more to do. Hope you will get your answer from the experts as well. Thanks
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