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  1. Hi everybody, How are you? I faced a problem to create my new gig. After completing all sections of creating a gig when I publish my gig it’s required to take a skill test to publish my gig but the Take a Test button doesn’t work. I tried several times to log out and log in, clearing cookies of my browser still the same problem. How can I take a test and Publish my gig? Please help me if you know the solution
  2. Did you get the solution? what is that. Feel free to share here. we are also want to know.
  3. my settings okay but nothing solved. same problem
  4. This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone. Fiverr Should solve it asap
  5. Will try it. they should solve it asap
  6. yes. Same case in my site also. how do you solve it?
  7. Yes. I check it and fixed it. also fixed in my mobile apps
  8. Why My gig says offline when I am in online from my PC and mobile phone? I am currently online from my PC and mobile apps but when I search my gig and filter it with online sellers I didn’t find my gig. Is It a Fiverr bug? Help me, please
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