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  1. Can’t wait to see what the new forum gonna bring to the users. 🙂
  2. You get selected by Fiverr for your gig to be promoted. I got invited to activate promote gig by fiver 2 days back with the offer of receiving $10 when I joined but I haven’t made the decision of joining. You’ve to achieve level one, 2 and top rated seller with minimum of 4.7 rating and some other qualities to be choosen
  3. Ask the buyer in a polite manner about what they want, what exactly they placed the order for. You can also ask what they’re looking for and tell them you’re willing to hear what have to say and ready to help.
  4. Try logging out from your browser and log in again to see if it fixes your issue.
  5. $20 with additional charges by Payoneer $3. You received the total amount of $17
  6. Say it loud please! I don’t know why some sellers want to risk their account for something they have been advised by forum members. Maybe they will come back to their senses when they got a warning. And on the other hand, some buyers don’t like to be reminded. So a seller can get a negative review if they kept asking for review. THE BEST IS TO AVOID IT!
  7. According to your own side of story. It’s really a bad situation. First screenshot of your post shows “Temporarily Banned” the mail you got from fiverr shows “Permanently Banned”. I don’t think fiverr will just banned you without any reason. Maybe you’ve posted a request which is not allowed (as their mail stated). So sorry about your experience 😥
  8. We understood you’re trying to provide some help/tips/advice. But at least “KNOW IT FIRST, THEN GIVE TIPS BASE ON WHAT YOU KNOW. DON’T GIVE ADVICE TO SOMEONE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW”. As this might land their account in some kinda problems.
  9. This is an old thread. But to give you an answer about your question. When I buyer marked your order as completed order. The 14 days pending clearance will start that same moment regardless whether the buyer left you a review or not. But if the order wasn’t marked as completed by the buyer. It will be automatically marked as completed after 3 days of your delivery. So you 14 days pending clearance will start after those 3 days of waiting for the order to be marked as completed order.
  10. It’s normal. But I’d suggest you should read the TOS for further clarifications. You can find it at the bottom of the fiverr homepage.
  11. I’m unclear about what is going on. Do you mean the video isn’t uploading or that it isn’t being approved by CS or something else? According to what I understood regarding his post. He was “Unable to add gig tags” the first page of creating gigs.
  12. A big NO! Don’t ask your buyer for a review/feedback/rating. In fact NEVER ask such. As it might land you in trouble.
  13. Those are types of images delivered which has longer heights measurement. Like vertical collage images as I’ve mentioned earlier.
  14. The moment you find buyers, that’s when you find orders. Find buyers first, then make them place order.
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