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  1. Great I had been waited for almost 2months for getting my first order. It is great for you. Best of luck
  2. You can create seven gigs anytime. Thats not relates to getting orders. Buyers are contacting you by vieing gigs. So go ahead and best of luck.
  3. Promote your gigs and be active on Fiverr
  4. Try hard and be active on Fiverr. Best of luck
  5. Your hardworking will be rewarded. So active on Fiverr and good luck
  6. Hi Richard, Try hard to get an order. Best of luck
  7. Best of luck and share your gigs on social media
  8. Welcome to fiverr and keep follow forum here
  9. I think Fiverr allowed one account. But you can contact customer support.
  10. Keep active on Fiverr Share your gigs to social media Best and good luck
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