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  1. Today I was threatened to receive bad review and also I was mistreated just because I decided to put an end in an abusive costumer. Since the beginning of an order I like to keep everything under control and every time I like to explain what kind services I'm going to do, but sometimes costumers just ignore all rules and there's nothing to do about it, Fiverr always goes to the costumer side. Unfortunately it's common that situation, friendly costumers until you say "we need to finish the order cause my time and your budget is out". The service is already cheap even so we sellers must deal the situation. How do you guys deal with that?
  2. I just can’t send a message to my costumer advising that Fiverr is out. It’s unbelievable how bad is Fiverr’s support/programmers. That’s an error that they should fix in minutes, not hours, and not waiting for users to report the error. This website **** sometimes. When we commit an infraction, they are great at warning, but to solve an error of this proportion, they suck!
  3. Hey guys, please take a look at my recent sell. I felt like fiverr robbed me.! *************. EDITED POST: I thought fiverr wrongdoing the calculation, but they just separate the tip from the order, visually speaking this is really bad. They could just show the total payment of the order (including tip) and not just the order value itself. Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting.
  4. Why so much wait to get those information back? The rates remain the same, but the site features do not!
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