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  1. That’s exactly my point: there is no point of posting or trying to promote your gigs on fiverr forum because buyers don’t come here to look for sellers. You can post your gig link in my fiverr gig category but as you can see from the poll that almost no one gets orders from it. Thankyou so much for your kind response… i checked your profile , & i saw you in very top responsive pro people here on forum. i must remember you for your skills, if any of my buyer will need, i must refer thankyou
  2. Its not allowed. Instead of it, go promote your gig to social networks and take clients from there and give them some discounts and ask them to work through fiverr then working directly because fiverr provides a better environment and secure platform to work. so he will come to fiverr and will go through a proper process. so then why you need to have fake reviews. that’s totally wrong and violates the terms. thankyou
  3. i thought we can’t promote our gigs here… and still i have, please can you explain a bit how we can promote our skills or gigs here on forum and do buyers visit forum or our sellers will refer us or ask for help ? kindly explain a bit
  4. Don’t need to be worried man… if many people can be top rated or even there is an owner of fiverr too. then why you don’t? keep struggling and try to get the weak points and ensure them in right way. so your struggle will results in fruit. i got my first client after three months but then i was level 2 within few months. so stay strong and try to make it perfect as you can. you will get . thankyou
  5. It depnds. because i asked once to CS, i have a post check in my profile thorouhgly, i posted everything about the rank of gigs. so keep trying to contact your previous buyers to give you more tasks to you may be able to get more 5 stars again. then it can help you to be back to track once again.l. even 4 to 5 orders i hope it will help your gig to boost once again. so when something happens like this or account demotion or cancellation occure, it takes down back and in fiverr’s complex algorithm, it takes days and weeks to be back on track. so having more review may be better to decrease that time so algorithm may get you sooner to show your gig on top posts. thankyou… read my post that will be more helpful
  6. How many gigs you have? are those of different categories? you won’t get any… because buyer requests mostly depends on your levels. so new sellers often have very less sometimes, on my new account , i only saw 3 or 4 requests after 2 3 days and even those appeared for a small moment. so don’t worry try to have more categories in different gigs. so once you will be level 1, it will be increase to hundreds and even on my level 2 account, i have saw even 3500 requests at ay time but from those only 50 60 are fresh and rest of are old dated. So in short, it depends on your rank. thannkyou
  7. Graet… Congratulations bro… Keep it up… Best of Luck. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
  8. HAHAHA cool :crazy_face: Please join the Fiverr Support, m sure they needs you
  9. Yup that makes. but in some cases, you will see the ugly and incomplete gigs have quite hundreds more orders then your creative ones. but here what actually benifits is, if your gig is cool and creative, m sure the buyer will get the first eye and will be more attracted to listen your demands. so he can feel you as a brand instead of a freelancer selling is services on cheap rates. so you can demand a good Budget based on Good Quality. so it helps more to get trust of buyer. Appreciate your observance… thankyou
  10. No one knows the Complex Algorithm of fiverr, If person use search by keywords and tags to search, i have more then 2 years on fiverr, sometimes i feel as tags and your skills are used to get your gigs in search tags. because sometime even using same title , your gig won’t be on top. but if the Buyer go to category -> subcategory etc and your gig appears on good rank. so that’s all matters. i asked fiverr support once and they said as what matters is your continuous 5 stars, your good response time, your cancellation rate and few more things. so fiverr obviously takes your gigs once on top to have you first buyer. because if one thing matters, then obviously more stared gigs and top ranked people will always be on top. so that doesn’t matter. try not to loose your first client. because according to my observation, if a new buyer will come to your inbox and it converts into an order. your will surely get another one. so try not to let that person go which came to yoru inbox. it depends on your conversation at last. so impressions clicks etc all go up when your profile rank will be good in fiverr’s eye, fiverr will take your gigs on top on weekly basis or daily basis for some time. so don’t worry about it all more. just take care of your communication skill and don’t let any buyer to go away. buyer will surely listen you if your profile is as more strong and attractive and shows like a brand instead of a single person working on cheap rates as a freelancer. thankyou
  11. Welcome Back & Good Luck for your plans
  12. GOOD LUCK MAN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  13. Hello People, How you doin? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, didn’t got any order for last few days, so help me to pass my time, So start telling me about your goals please? or any idea for what you choosed freelancing and why Fiverr? what’s so special? did you got what you dreamed? :star_struck:
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