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  1. Yes, thank you! Most people don’t seem to get that the exempt certificate is required for TDS and not TCS!
  2. Please refer to this! A lot of people seem to be confusing TCS and TDS! You DO NOT need exemption certificate for TCS. For TDS, you only need it if earning more than 5 LPA.
  3. No no! Go for exempt! I think export option has TCS, which is different from TDS!
  4. Yes! TDS will still be cut though and you can file returns for that!
  5. So today morning, I woke up to the completion of a big order ($350) and a tip of $350 on the same order. Apart from that, a couple of other orders were marked as complete yesterday (May 1st). However, my earnings in May is displayed as $364. Could it be a bug?
  6. For people following this thread, I checked with my CA, as well! And @priyasumit786 is absolutely right. Unless you are making more than 20 LPA on Fiverr, you need not register for GST and the Exempt option is applicable!
  7. All of us know the taxation system has changed recently! So now we are supposed to update our billing info to avoid freezing of our gigs. This is one of the questions asked- How is your service taxed? Should I be selecting Export (1% TCS and no GST) or exempt (no TCS and GST)? Thank you!
  8. Yes, I know how to seek an extension. My question is regarding the TOS, where it is clearly stated that a gig shouldn’t exceed 30 days.
  9. Here is the deal! I took up a project which would have taken me three weeks. However, someone very close to me passed away and I couldn’t complete a major chunk of the project. I needed about two weeks more and used the extend option for one week. Now, the buyer is okay with seeking a revision for the next seven days, but would that be an issue? In that case, what is the alternative? Thank you in advance!
  10. How does the on-time delivery stat work? Yesterday, I was literally 6 hours late with the delivery. But it is still 100%, How does that work? Is it a bug?
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