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  1. It would be any entity that is not under common ownership or a subsidiary of your organization. Your affiliates would be your holding company, sister companies, and subsidiaries. All others are non-affiliates. If you share customer information with non-affiliates for the purpose of those non-affiliates to market their products and services to your customers, you need this disclosure along with an opt-out opportunity for the customer. If you don't share this information with non-affiliates for marketing purposes, you need to say that and no opt-out is required. Sharing with non-affiliates for other purposes, such as related to government guarantees, etc., would not be for marketing purposes.


    Non Affiliate online business.jpg

  2. Hay I am a Full stack web developer and level one seller in fiver. I marketing my gigs well . But within 9 mounth I can not any message form buyer. anyone help me for this bad situation.
  3. Hay, I hope you are well. If you want to improve your sells you need to know this 5 tricks and tips First you improve you skills mustShare your gigs on social mediaActive on fiver forumActive up to 12 hrs on fiverPost an eye catching gigs
  4. Fiver rules you and your client together make order for your service
  5. Share your gigs on social media. If you share your gigs in social media like facebook,instagram,twitter, LinkedIn and etc then you got more order and make more money. Welcome to our community 💖
  6. Welcome this forum. Make money in fiver sharing your gigs in social media thanks
  7. Hi, Improve your skills learn more and get more order in fiver and also marketing your all gigs
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