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  1. Hello my fellow mates I have no wrong intentions here. I had invited a seller who is also my friend to fiverr. I wanted to outsource one blog writing and wanted to know whether it is allowed to place a order to the person i invited .
  2. it depends on various factors. customer also do window shopping most of times they go near your gig read everything then go to next gig. if your thumbnail and title is attractive they will click it but when they see price and description they might compare and quit. it’s what i think as i have a 2.5k impression gig with 100 clicks and 2 order …
  3. it is better to answer them if your not so busy . It shows you care about customers. all the customers who see your gig will see the reviews along with the replies you gave so why not you reply them 😃
  4. I agree . We need such solution for seller’s protection Even i had this experience even after days of work Buyer keeps the order+ money back and no protection for us. if buyer wants to window shop he/she can but atleast something like you said a protected view where buyer can see what hell be getting for the price and then through approval hell get to keep it . you made a fair point though we need this
  5. Unfortunately restricted accounts wont be unrestricted as far as my experience however if you feel you been wrongly restricted you can try raising fiverr ticket to Customer support
  6. i just want to add im not a blocked user its happening after i tried opening some attachment in fiverr order section and now even if i close chrome browser and turn on again not able to enter fiverr.com
  7. Capture1883×1030 69.4 KBim having this issue when ever im trying to open fiverr on desktop and i cant find it im typing fiverr.com and automatically this tab opens im still able to use it in phone but not on pc
  8. Here what happened to my friend. A order without any details time was out he did not respond nor accepted extension in such case seller profile is badly harmed .However my friend posted a ticket in support and after 2 days customer support cancelled that order and fixed seller status
  9. change is the only constant. we all love re-branding don’t we? Fiverr is trying to fit even better in this constantly changing world starting with a logo to font and we don’t know yet what’s new coming!!1
  10. Thank you ,Fiverr Really Grateful For making such a wonderful international Home for all of us not only as a Business this is a international place where we make Earning Friends and Create Memories This place is revolutionizing the World !! Wish you all the Best I Believe this site will get to another Edge in next 10 years
  11. fiverr support is very busy in this lockdown situation also its trying its best to answer everyone . This is a small issue there r bigger issues to give more priority
  12. do u have VPN on my friend had similar issues due to he had VPN on
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