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  1. I delivered the order on time (via deliver button), but the client requested a revision (without pay, or buy it upfront) Now I have a timer on my order screen
  2. I was thinking… if I send the same file, just to avoid to be marked as late, and explain it to the client, and tell them that I will do the revision as soon as they tell me what they want… Is that a bad idea? The client was very polite to me, so maybe they can understand me?
  3. But if I cancell the order, I won’t receive the payment, right? I can’t do that, I need this money… ): It’s a custom illustration
  4. I have 3 days left to send another version of the file, but if the client doesn’t answer and my deadline expires, do I lose my money? What can I do in this case, since I can’t get in touch?
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