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  1. Listen, don’t worry too much about the next level, you just have to be patient from now on. The good thing is that you will soon achieve your target of $400. Evaluations happen after every 30 days. You will have a month’s time to secure more orders and bring the order rate up to 90% and above. One more thing, these metrics are calculated over a cycle of 60 days. So after a couple of months, these cancelled orders won’t reflect on your stats and you should be back to normal provided you don’t have any more cancelled orders in the future. Just go through all the terms and conditions of Fiverr with regards to your metrics. Make sure that you are aware of all these rules so that you don’t do anything stupid like opening another account because Fiverr can ban you for this act.
  2. I think it is the market which is low right now. I too am promoting a video editing gig and so far I have received only 2 orders over the last two months.
  3. That means your gig category has very high competition and is probably being bid at $0.70 per click.
  4. So here are my two cents on this new feature … My gig impressions moved to 42 with 7 clicks. The recommended bid price is 0.11 and I am bidding at 0.13. I received only one response so far very early morning today and although I replied to them within two hours, they had hired someone else for the job by then. So although I haven’t received any favorable outcome, things are happening around my gig. These are still early days for us to predict how the promotion feature is doing. If you have access to the promotion, I suggest to let it run for a month before coming to an outcome. I also believe you for not need to quote a very high price over and above the recommended bid price. For instance in my case, the recommended price is $0.11 and my bid is placed at $0.13. So if you have a recommended bid price of let’s say $0.30, instead of scaling up the price to $0.40, you simply need to bid $0.31 to outbid others. The recommended price of your bid is probably determined by the amount of competition your particular gig category has. Competition for a logo making gig could be way higher than a competition for a logo reveal video gig. That is why different sellers are receiving inconsistent bid prices.
  5. Try using incognito mode in your browser to search for your gig. Make sure you are logged out. If the status of your gig is active, it will show up somewhere in the search results.
  6. I agree. My stats are 35 impressions, 5 clicks and zero client response/ orders over the last few days in the promoted gig section. My organic gig impressions for the promoted gig have also gone down quite a bit.
  7. Try to ascertain the status of your gig by going to this link: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig There could be a possibility that your gig is in pending status. If so, contact customer support immediately with screenshots of that pending status page.
  8. Don’t close the complain ticket as yet. This is not a proper response. Escalate the matter. Talk to the Team Lead or Supervisor if needed and ask them pointedly that in which section of TOS is it written that the buyer can cancel the order anytime he wants? Hold on to your complaint and keep engaging with CS till you get a rightful solution.
  9. I understand. I should have added the English translation as well.
  10. Thanks for posting the screenshot. It seems my message was flagged by a lot of users. I was only trying to make a point to olivia3d (whose country location is Bangladesh) in her local language (which is Bengali) so that she can reply to the buyers using “Google Translate” like I did to reply to her in Bengali.
  11. Recently I received this message from Fiverr when a regular client placed an order with me: “#$%^ is a Fiverr Business client Provide excellent service to earn their trust and work on more projects with their team.” Can anyone explain what this was all about?
  12. He has given me 4 stars on all the 3 metrics. Sound advice. I am already taking a cautious approach with the buyer. Let’s see how it goes. Any suggestions on how to publicly respond to the buyer feedback on my timeline. He has rated me 4 stars and said thank you very much.
  13. Blocking is the easiest solution. I want to avoid that. I am looking for a way to get my point across to the buyer without violating Fiverr’s TOS.
  14. Recently I had a client who gave a 4 star rating for the job I did for him. He is now returning to solicit my services for a similar job and may also order again in the near future. I am confused. I don’t know if I should take the job and risk a lower rating again or ignore him to maintain my current ratings. Prior to his review I had fifty “5 star” ratings at a trot. By taking up his work I run the risk of spoiling my ratings as he may again leave me a 4 star review. He is a new buyer so he may not be fully aware of the importance of rating systems for the sellers. Fiverr too does not allow us to communicate with the buyer on the ratings issue. Need help guys, how do I deal with this?
  15. Don’t use paid ads to promote your Fiverr gigs ANYWHERE. Period. You may risk losing your account as Fiverr is prone to be quite trigger happy these days. If you want clarification on the subject, contact customer support and take their approval first before taking this step.
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