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  1. I am a UI/UX designer and I have a friend that works as a developer, and we usually work as a team in projects ( one for the front-end and the other for the back-end ), is it okay if we use the same account to work together and discuss with clients? or we have to open separated accounts? because usually we work with 1 client and every one talk with him about his part of work,
  2. I became a Level one seller recently and I was wondering if I should raise my prices because I was all time working for low price and get orders for only 5$ for a huge work, I think it worth more, So will raising my prices affect my impressions and number of clients? or it is a normal thing!
  3. I was ranking very good, having 5 to 6 daily messages, 2 daily orders, but suddenly impressions decreased unbelievably and clicks too, even if my gig still ranking in the 1st page, Any suggestions??
  4. A buyer asked for and example of the work for (price), if it is okay we will continue the complete work (for an additional price) For experts, Is it better to work every one in Separately as 2 orders, or working with milstones??
  5. No i don’t want to send the source file, I want just to send only the final result and it is possible to send only via and URL
  6. In my gig I have to deliver an interactive mockup, to do that I have to deliver the source file (which is not included in the package) or I can send the work in URL where the user can use it, Is it okay and legal to deliver the work in a URL?
  7. My gig doesn’t appear in the search anymore! Any solutions?
  8. I’ve just finished order and delivered : PDF of the presentationSource FileHigh-quality picturesBut the buyer couldn’t download the source file, and also the images have the Fiverr logo in the background, Can I send the source file to the buyer in the messages (because the order is marked as complete now), This is not against Terms of Fiverr?? I really need answers!
  9. the comment he left was amazing, but the review (4.3) who affected me since it is my first review and no one will wor someone who has a bad general rating.
  10. I’ve just finished my first order for 45$ in 4 days instead of 8 with very fast delivery, I did more than 10 revisions, I did everything that the client wanted ( I gave him 1 screen and 1 free design as a bonus). But finally, I’m surprised that he gave me a 4.3 rating. I’m very happy about completing my first order but in the same time very sad about this review that will kill my chances.
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