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  1. I make far less than 20k but would still like to file my taxes. I have completed the w-9 as I am an American. How can I get the 1099?
  2. Why can we only get a 1099 if we make over 20k? What if we make less but we still want to file?
  3. Learn some good English grammar. It will go far.
  4. I got my first sale after 2 months. Many scammers will message you, just report them and move on.
  5. Why can’t new and level 1 sellers do it?
  6. Just saying, a link to your gig may help.
  7. You should add Youtube in the title, description, or tag for better seo
  8. Ok, I will remove immediately, thanks. Do you have any advice specifically for the content creation gig? That gig is the one getting the views and clicks.
  9. My gig (linked below) is on the front pages and has many impressions and a few clicks. How can I improve my gig to convert sales? Should I change the gig image? Am I charging too much? Are my tags bad? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. https://www.fiverr.com/share/WeLkbx
  10. Maybe you can pay an influencer to give you a shoutout?
  11. I think that that should be fine. If you do art on Fiverr, why not make a little more and do art on twitch.
  12. It would help if we had a link to your gigs? But idk, maybe that’s just me
  13. Maximize and use all 7 gigs. keep the thumbnails simple. dont put 9 logos on one pic. Just put 1 or 2
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