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  1. It will depend on your order in Queue.
  2. no you can’t… The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description: ammyy.comblogspot.comdafont.comdailymotion.comflickr.commixcloud.comreverbnation.comsoundcloud.comteamviewer.comtumblr.comvimeo.comwetransfer.comwikipedia.orgwordcounter.netyoutube.com
  3. Welcome…Hope this will help you. 😊
  4. If you are going to send a buyer request, keep following things in mind: Understanding the request and try to write it in your response Put your strategy how would you do it for the buyer Make sure to mention some of questions even if you understood everything, don’t just say that you got it and you can do it Mention some of similar examples or at least a few links from your past work. Don’t use portfolio links from someone else. Make sure to use a polite language and try to greet at the start and end. Mention your name at the end of request. Don’t just send a generic message to everyone If you still have got a question, please mention me below and I will try to respond.
  5. @wpsami Welcome…I hope this will help you a lot
  6. @tominpjacob Welcome…Hope this will be helpful for you…You can atleast make a try.
  7. @ornedanielle Before you do gig marketing…I suggest you to do a keyword research and competition research on that keywords and choose correct category and write 100% unique gig description with your targeted keywords. Use keywords on title, package, description, tags and also on gig image.
  8. This is really informative…I have also lost my ranking of my best selling gig…and It is almost more then 3 months I have not get any order on the lost ranked gig. I think I should try this. Hope this will also work for me. I hope this will also work for you.
  9. Fiverr Tips: Fiverr Gig EditIf we get some orders after gig rank on Fiverr, we want to increase the price a little! Even if I don’t get the buyers’ knock on the Fiverr, we want to edit the gig a little. There are many kinds of confusion about gig editing. Some people say that if you edit the gig, the rank goes away, so some people say that if you edit the gig, the result comes in the gig rank. Here I tried to share my experience based on some of my personal experiments on this important subject. Mistakes are forgivable! Gig editing is not so easy as we think. Do you know when does your ranked gig fall? Let’s try to say in a little detail, let’s say your gig is ranked in such a term that you edited that term. Suppose your gig is ranked on a specific keyword and is on the first page. So if you delete that keyword from the gig title now, your gig rank will fall. Suppose again that you have edited the description box and from there you have also made some unlucky movements or change which will result in gig rank fall even if your gig is ranked. Again suppose you are editing your gig which is not in ranked or lost its rank, doing research, studying, focusing on some keywords in the metaphor, giving titles in that way and writing unique and relevant descriptions, then your gig will be in a better position than before. Now the question is what will happen if you change or add more or less price to the gig? Suppose you have a basic price of 10 . You get 10 gig knocks a week. Whenever you make the basic price 50, your gig knock is likely to decrease. Because you have deliberately filtered buyers with a budget of 10$।. But the potential you will get now will be higher than the previous buyer because he knocked you after seeing your basic price of 50. Now the point is when will you go and start editing? As an example, you have 3-5 orders in your queue. You will deliver tomorrow. So you can now edit your gig today, naturally, the impression will be lost if you edit the gig, but when you deliver 3 orders tomorrow, this impression will be recovered again. Yes…it will happen. Another thing is about the gig thumbnail change, many people open the gig with a thumbnail without realizing it at first, after a while the gig order is complete and he realizes that the thumbnail is not correct, the size is not right, unprofessional. So are we going to change the gig thumbnail at that moment? I will not do it directly, but I got a negative result by changing the thumbnail. Because many things related to the thumbnail issue can be seen. Many people do off-page SEO in the thumbnail. So if you do off-page SEO on the same keyword in the new thumbnail, you will not get the same rank as before. Because you have deleted the thumbnail and someone else has taken that position. So I think it is better not to go to edit gig thumbnail. So many things are involved with this gig edit. gig edit1579×935 386 KBI could not find my gig Before for specific keywords !!! Then I edited the gig title, description of my gig and Now gig can be seen on the second page in the top-100 in that keyword. gig after edit1183×824 402 KBSo it’s all about your deep thought regarding your scope.
  10. Welcome to the community and all the best.
  11. Good Luck brother … Happy freelancing 😍
  12. Yes I am also experiencing same problem…
  13. You can send a reminder to your buyer and extend your delivery time 15 days. You can find it on the order page…! And write buyer did not submit the requirements. So Then the buyer will get a notification from Fiverr and you don’t have to cancel your order.
  14. Thank you for your motivation. ❤️ I am still waiting and I believe that I can do this and very soon I will be a good seller in Fiverr.
  15. But I know some people they get orders all time!!! they never stop! even in there gig they have aalso 20+ pending orders!!
  16. Then why people say to do marketing!!! What is the secret ? They get a lots of message lots of order but why We can’t be like them? what was we missing?
  17. Yes this is the real things…and most of the time it happens.
  18. Some sellers are doing it successfully. But you have to know what you’re doing. Did you ever do this?? or run an ads campaign???
  19. @tech_treon Because…Fiverr is doing their marketing also. And when a person came to your gig he will also see some recommended gigs…And If you run an ads campaign you can’t be sure that you will get a sale.
  20. I would say none. Sharing your Gig on social media will not grant any sales. Unless you are popular/famous, have a good reputation in any kind. And even if you would get at least one sale, that’s because you would be lucky. But personally, I don’t do this myself and I see it as a waste of time. Sharing Gig on social media will not increase the sales. Same answer as above. Nowadays, there are so much Sellers that apply for Buyer Requests. You could send hundreds of them and you would not get any orders. That’s because of how crowded it is, and also a waste of time. Create a good Gig with a fresh category. This will increase the sales a lot. I see, that you are a website developer. This category is also crowded and way too much Sellers there. Try offering something unique. That no one does. It’s hard, but it’s possible. But I see people are doing well in the Wordpress category and they are also new sellers. My gig is well optimized and also have attractive cover photo and video and I also offer a reasonable price according to the market place. Even I am always active online more than 12 hours a day. So what I was missing?
  21. lets see or find out a perfect solution from senior fiverr sellers.
  22. Me too…I tried with several methods such as sharing my gig links in twitter, Linkedin with hashtags and attractive image and writings but It really didn’t work for me at all.
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