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  1. Perhaps this would be a solution to the problem. But nothing prevents an unscrupulous person from filling out the order requirements with empty information. Today I received a “by mistake” cancellation notice. And there was no message that - The order was placed, the necessary requirements are expected to be filled. With the request: Hi, sorry, but I have to cancel the order. I changed my mind and chose another freelancer. Please accept my cancellation request. The amount was not small, and it is noticeable that an additional 7 revisions were added at random, in addition to the 6 that I offered in my gig. Just to increase the order amount. I agreed to the cancellation but wrote in support of the following: I suppose this is a very common problem for sellers when a buyer immediately abandons a placed order, allegedly “due to an error”. This affects the rating of the sellers, and they cannot fix it. And not conscientious persons use this with impunity. It would be a good practice to withhold a certain commission from such “mistakes” orders, and warn them about this during the placing of the order. It is unfair when it only affects the seller. I was told that this would not affect the rating. But I still think that it would be a good practice. This would significantly reduce such “mistake” orders.
  2. Didn’t this happen after the customer requested a revision of the delivered product? If yes, I had a similar one. Not worth paying attention. Maybe this is just a bug (which the team knows about and maybe it will be fixed during the maintenance scheduled for the weekend). But this is my guess 🙂 In any case, do not worry if everything is done on time on your part.
  3. This is the place for the client to find you, not you him. Just do your job well.
  4. I would nail your topic at the top of the forum with titanium nails and highlight it with the reddest color and make it blink like a strobe. Perhaps then the number of useless topics will decrease, and then there is no hope, haha. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these points.
  5. In this case, for OP is better to contact support. I hope they can see the history of the gig text change
  6. I sometimes receive 2-4 such messages per day, 14 messages were a record. Sometimes they just say hello and leave without answering the question of how I can help them, although I already understand the further scenario. I just block such spammers.
  7. Of course, I try to give the client information along the way, in order to more accurately understand in which direction it is worth moving. For this, there is communication in the current order.
  8. Yes, it’s not entirely clear how gig works with several concepts. Yes, you need to deliver the finished product. All three are essentially finished. But only one can be selected 🙂 which, if necessary, can return for revision. This time I delivered all three, the client came back and already specifically showed the only option that needs to be sent. The work is over 🙂
  9. Yes, but only one reaches the final, as indicated. I could use other concepts as a basis for the development of another project. But most likely I will include all the options in the delivery. One of which will then go for revision. It seems I now understand more how this should work. Thank you!
  10. So for example if they chose the 3 option package give them 3 options in the delivery. You need to remove that entire paragraph. Just send them 3 designs in the delivery. You cannot try to depend on them responding to you and then be put in this position when they do not respond. Ok, that looks reasonable. But then he will get three logos for the price of one 🙂
  11. Yes, I had a similar one, but the buyer responded 🙂 This time, I probably have to deliver one of three options for my choice.
  12. It’s all great, but if the gig includes three options to choose from, what should I do? But this will probably have to be done.
  13. I have a similar problem. The buyer placed an order, we talked, and I started. After I gave him work options, one of which needs to be confirmed in order to deliver the necessary files, he is silent. It remains 6 hours before the deadline, I made a request to increase the delivery time, because I don’t know which option it is worth working to the finish line. But he was still silent and did not confirm the request for adding time, although the buyer appeared online.
  14. It depends on whether the revisions are included in the service package you ordered and their number. With existing revisions, you can request it before accepting delivery. Perhaps you have exhausted the number of revisions.
  15. Yes I understand. There is no question of more work for a low price 🙂 I rather soberly evaluate my efforts. Moreover, more specifics have been reported. I just wanted to clarify how it works, for the future. Therefore, in the chat I can create a special service (supposedly), independent of the concert. Thanks to everyone for the details. I wish you productive work!
  16. Hello everyone, I’m here recently. In the search did not find about it. A client wrote to me, he needs small changes (in his words), the price of which may be lower than indicated in my gig. What is the best way to do this - to make a separate gig with a lower price, or can I, in conversation, make an offer with a price lower than that indicated in the gig?
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