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  1. Alright guys, as always fiverr says to promote your gig to other platform maybe in a blog, social medias etc. So, the question is are you promoting your gigs? How and where you are promoting your gigs? Are you getting results promoting them?
  2. Stay online as much as you can and share your gig in social media or other platform. Update your gig if needed.
  3. Thanks for your valuable word. I'm learning from experts like to so thanks again for your opinion. I didn't going to make the forum with nonsense things I just contributing staffs to get clear idea about everything that new sellers need to learn. Thanks again and the forum isn't for professional only it's also for newbies for sure. Thanks
  4. Completed 3 orders today with 5 star reviews. How are you doing today?

  5. Fiverr says if you are attaching a video on your gig you have 40%+ chance to get orders. How do you take this? Is that really works for you? What is your experience about that?
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