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  1. So I completed my first gig and delivered it. I gave the guy unlimited revisions and he wanted a small fix. No big deal. But how would I go about doing that. He messaged me asking for the fix, but i dont know how i would turn in the revised product. Would I have him request a revision, or just send him it when its done. The only fear I have with just sending it through messages, is that he could just download it and cancel (I don’t think this guy would do that, but you can never be to safe). What should I do?
  2. So I got my first order! Yay! The gig had mandatory requirements but I did not get any. Did I mess this up. I went back to check and they were mandatory, so I don’t think it was that. Is there a way to see them, that I don’t understand, or does this happen often. I messaged the buyer, and he has yet to respond, but I still have quite a bit of time. Thanks.
  3. I’m new to selling to Fiverr. Are there any common scams to watch for?
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