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  1. Yeah hope we will get this feature soon
  2. Yeah it will be great!! Thank you so much for notice it 🙂
  3. Contact With Fiverr support team with your problem. And tell the truth, Sure Fiverr support will help you, Otherwise if fiverr support cann't help you then they will try to exclude this cancellation from your stats, but remember you need to be honest then Fiverr CS can help you. Have a nice day!!!
  4. The same question swimming on my mind🙄
  5. New forum is amazing. but iam just thinking why fiverr forum not available in dark mode ? when fiverr will launch dark moode?
  6. This is really good opportunity , 😍
  7. just do your job as much as possible , and tell you buyer that he made mistake and if he honest hopefuly he will say you sorry
  8. from my experience you need to contact with seller via gig contact button , if you contact from profile contact button then maybe it will go on spam , don’t know why but i faced it in the past , when i contacted some seller . so try to contact via gig contact button 😊 hope it will help you
  9. Welcome to our fiverr family , firstly read new user instruction category , you will learn lots of new things 😊
  10. Read this Fiverr Help and Education Center
  11. read this Fiverr Help and Education Center
  12. when you will meet the criteria then you get this 😊
  13. yes !!! welcome to fiverr family 😊
  14. image1508×197 19.1 KB Today i got this "Promoted gigs " feature. hope it will be more helpful to me and fiverr seller !!! 😍
  15. YES! hope your experince will be ours motivation 😍
  16. can anyone tell me why payyoner taken 2.78$ as a maintenance fee? and how it works can anyone elaborate/ help me ? image767×509 23.2 KB
  17. Since It was 31 January 2020 I created my Fiverr Account. I published 2 Gigs on January 31 at night. but I can’t publish more gigs without the Fiverr exam on my categories {SEO }. I was very worried because I don’t have any Fiverr exam experience, so I don’t have too much expectation from two gigs. Since the night of 31 January 2020, I wasn’t sleeping cause I was feeling "if I got a message if I got a message " but the whole night I didn’t get any messages. The next day February 1, 6:00 am I was just going to sleep cause I wanted to go my college at 9 am … I woke up within 2 hours at 8 am. I finished my breakfast and was ready to go to college. I was just going to shut down my laptop then I just notified messages from Fiverr that " you have a new order from’…’ "…its was10$ order and it was very shocking because I wasn’t any expectation really but my feelings were that "I was flying in the sky 😊 " I thought I need to hard struggle lots of days within 5 hours I completed the order client was very satisfied and left 5 star image744×164 10.8 KB the same client asked me to do another order I have completed the second one properlyin February 2020, I got 10 order and I earned 112$ …that was my first earning in Fiverr in one year I just completed only 37 orders, I know every one thinking that is not much because only 37 orders in one yrs, also my gigs prices are not much but this 20+ orders I have taken as a full monthly project with a monthly price 😊 I know everyone is struggling after month and month to get the first order. if your plan is proper and strong then I believe you won’t go dark of rotten I Believe "MYSELF is the best person to make myself stronger and passioner" ** If you feel yourself then you can love yourself then you will believe yourself when you will believe yourself then you can achieve your goals 😊** so don’t be worry just getting improving yourself every minute, I believe you will get yourself Thank you so much for stay with my post Rownok
  18. if your industry require/need to share email then you can share.
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