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  1. Yeah hope we will get this feature soon
  2. Yeah it will be great!! Thank you so much for notice it πŸ™‚
  3. Contact With Fiverr support team with your problem. And tell the truth, Sure Fiverr support will help you, Otherwise if fiverr support cann't help you then they will try to exclude this cancellation from your stats, but remember you need to be honest then Fiverr CS can help you. Have a nice day!!!
  4. The same question swimming on my mindπŸ™„
  5. New forum is amazing. but iam just thinking why fiverr forum not available in dark mode ? when fiverr will launch dark moode?
  6. This is really good opportunity , 😍
  7. just do your job as much as possible , and tell you buyer that he made mistake and if he honest hopefuly he will say you sorry
  8. from my experience you need to contact with seller via gig contact button , if you contact from profile contact button then maybe it will go on spam , don’t know why but i faced it in the past , when i contacted some seller . so try to contact via gig contact button 😊 hope it will help you
  9. Welcome to our fiverr family , firstly read new user instruction category , you will learn lots of new things 😊
  10. Read this Fiverr Help and Education Center
  11. read this Fiverr Help and Education Center
  12. when you will meet the criteria then you get this 😊
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