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  1. Thanks, i went back to check and it's just as you said. Those those over 30 days old are no longer available.
  2. I meant to show just the number of active buyer requests I'll update with a full page and also buyer requests from days ago
  3. Ok, for the buyer requests that's on another level, most times they're just vague on what they want. I believe as a professional that you are you should see where issues would come. Talk to them and they should explain what is needed and you tell them how you wish to solve their problems and if they're not ok too demanding you have the right to decline to work on the project that way you avoid the issues that come
  4. Maybe you gave too much expectations the way you presented your gig and self for a job and they expected nothing less than what you offered. It may also seem this way when you're unable to fulfill what you applied for. Most buyers give tough time true, but if you apply for something you love doing and get paid for it there should be no issue.
  5. Hi, ever since i got to level 1 3 months ago I've had this issue of outdated Buyer requests. I've tried deleting, but they just come back whenever a new BR comes in. I wasn't worried as I've talked to CS about this for 2 months now. I just thought of a situation where jobs that normally would be taken down after buyer gets a seller or minutes later i still happen to bid for them wasting my BR points. Eg. Buyer requests from months ago are still available, that's not an issue as i can spot them easily with their date. but how about requests from today or yesterday that i cant tell except i see them having less than 10 offers. Anyone else experiencing something like this and have you found a solution yet?
  6. Thanks, I think it's support. Received this mail an hour ago and the money has been refunded. Hi greyscript, Your order with xxxxxxxx was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank. The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.
  7. Hi, first time I'm experiencing this and it was alarming to see that notification. I recently delivered a catalog design and clients was satisfied with a 4.7 star. Today i see he cancelled the order without letting me know atleast why and $48 is subtracted whereas $30 was paid. What can i do about it
  8. Thanks I accepted to cancel and was surprised it didn’t affect my stats. Maybe because he hadn’t placed the requirements. Maybe if he did or I clicked the button that says I’ve received all requirements it would then have affected my stats. In his case I believe it was an error, we’ve been working together for sometime now and maybe he clicked one of the custom orders I sent earlier
  9. Thanks I accepted to cancel and was surprised it didn’t affect my stats. Maybe because he hadn’t placed the requirements yet so it didn’t count as a full order.
  10. Hi, one of my buyers mistakenly placed and order and wishes to cancel. Does this affect my gig? And if it does is there a way to rectify it ?
  11. Don’t know if this is the right section for this. Good day, I have had 3 cancelled orders one I couldn’t do and 2 to technicalities I wished CS could resolve. My issue here is my percentage of completed orders keeps dropping, sometimes I notice it’s dropped by one but I get confused and think maybe I didn’t notice it’s been this way since. Day before Yesterday I had an order completion rate at 85, another order completed made it 86, and I was certain of getting to 87 once my latest order which i got yesterday is complete only to wake up this morning to realise I’m back at 85% is there any logic behind that? I believe this is the second time it’s happening. Thanks
  12. Thanks for this, I had already done that and the majority were in business card and stationary category, others were in web programming.
  13. Hi, I’ll like to know what category an email signature and newsletter should fall in. So if there’s anyone that offers this service your advise is highly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Alright thank you, I’ll do this once the delivery extension is almost over
  15. I do, but as a new seller i didn’t really understand what that meant untill I clicked the button that says I’ve received requirement with the hope that since she’s online she would reply my message and explain. I was told to submit any zip file and hope for a revision but after going through the forum i realized it wasn’t in my best interest to do that so i extend delivery time. I’ll take your advice and ask CS to cancel order. Thanks
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