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  1. Hi, thank you for the reply. I understand what you mean and I know the value of long-term client relations. I only wanted to know whether Fiverr allows bringing in clients from social media on this platfrom for doing the exchange (considering that it doesn’t allow business outside of Fiverr but we have already talked about the project on social media). And if it allows, would the refer scheme be applicable on the exchange between the referrer and referee themselves beacuse someone on a Facebook group pointed this works while someone else said it doesn’t. If a client who hasn’t ever been on fiverr gets discount and fiverr doesn’t take away the 20% charge from me as well, it would be better than telling him to join without following a referral link now that we both have agreed and Fiverr also has a scheme for doing so 🙂
  2. You’re not getting my point at all. The bias isn’t in getting people to buy. It’s getting people to buy your service. It’s unprofessional. If someone has approached me, asking to buy my service and I tell him “you can buy it from me on Fiverr because we don’t have paypal here and they’ll also give you 20% off if you do so”. If a client wants my service, should I ask him to buy it from someone else just because according to you, it is unprofessional? If I don’t get people to buy my service what am I supposed to do as a Freelancer? Your comments are making no sense and are becoming irrelevant to the OP. Let us end it here. I still have the main doubt uncleared. And I am asking if the act is some sort of violation of Fiverr’s norms. If yes, I’m not doing it.
  3. Fiverr is basically saying “Bring more people here by referral and get so-called COMMISSION, as you call it”. I still don’t understand why you think it’s unethical… Then there’s no point in creating such refer schemes if people think referring is an act of getting a commission. Referral programs use our BIASEDNESS towards benefits to get more people on the platform. And I never asked whether it is ethical or professional. I only wanted to know if Fiverr allows the referral bonuses if the referrer and referee are doing the buying and selling among themselves.
  4. At this point, I don’t even know whether it gives me commission or not. Please check the post again. I asked whether the scheme: works for a buyer who was **invited by me** and also **buys from me**@jovicdesigns answered that it is allowed. You are just making assumptions that I am spamming or working against ethics. If Fiverr has given a referral scheme to bring people to this platform in exchange of benefits to both the buyer and seller I don’t know why it’s unethical or unprofessional, that too when all the three parties are agreeing.
  5. I was approached by a person who wanted me to make a design. I talked with him, gave him a quote and if legit, he has agreed to buy the design through one of my gigs (because my country doesn’t have paypal yet). Is that spamming on social media? I asked in a Fiverr Facebook group, whether asking someone to buy my service from Fiverr instead of personal contact is legal or not and there were mixed answers. One of the commentors said “You can refer and get 20% more”. Since I am new, I wanted to make sure that everything I do here is legal. So I am asking it in the forum. Is asking someone to join fiver and do the exchange ‘spamming people for commission’? Thank you for your replies.
  6. Thank you for the information. But the review is for a service that I am selling to the buyer, not for the motive of getting good ratings. I only wanted to know if I can get buyers that I met on social media pay me via Fiverr through a relevant gig (the review and rating is something that the buyer does himself if he likes my service) Edit: I might have worded the thread wrong but I wanted to say that I could get rated if I ask him to do the transaction through fiverr (And not through bank or anything else) The TOS doesn’t specifically mention this. I’m sorry if what I thought was wrong, I am not doing anything unethical, just clearing my doubts.
  7. I haven’t understood the referral scheme so I am asking whether it works that way or not. Fiverr website says: So maybe I’d get 20% of $80. But does that actually happen? My referral, buying from myself and both of us getting benefits.
  8. Can I ask a client that I met in 3rd party sites to send me the money via fiverr gig and rate me? Can I do this by inviting him to sign-up through my referral link so that he gets 20% discount while buying from me and I get 20% more? i.e. For an order of $100, he will pay $80 since it is his first purchase here and I’ll get full $100. Is this possible/ legal? Thanks! 🙂
  9. I gave two custom offers with different quotes to my buyer but he accidentally accepted both. The 35$ offer is now awaiting requirements to ve fulfilled by buyer. The 50$ offer has been delivered. If the buyer cancels the 35$ offer, will my ratings or anything be affected?
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