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  1. hi friends I started new gig to create stunning patterns for you . if your interested contact me . The covid pandemic also effected me and now i am looking for earn more money. i want your support and blessing
  2. completed 60 days without any order 😢
  3. welcome to fiver family and all the best 🙂
  4. its a cyber crime ,i thing better to register a complaint against that fraud buyers,thanks to post there. its really alert for all members.we can’t predict what happens tomorrow.
  5. thanks for your tip,really helpful to new users
  6. congrats,still i am waiting for my first order
  7. really strange things are happened there.what happend ? Do you know anything behind this incident.
  8. yes, click your profile pic there you see profile option click there then in active gigs option select your gig you want to edit then click edit gig option in overview option(top) , you can edit your gig’s tag, in search tags. you can remove or add tags there then don’t forget to click save option below. try this, any doubt reply me
  9. I don’t see any buyers request ,i daily check it and not found any requests.At last i found it 1 week ago any problem there ?
  10. me also.still i waiting for my first order.try to promote all your gig through social medias
  11. i would like to create new gig for web scraping .whats your opinion about the demand of that service .
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