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  1. yes I am sure I reply back with in 1 hour and max 2 hours.
  2. I dont know what’s wrong with the response time, I have no unread msg ,I replied everyone with in 1 hour, then why my response time keeps increasing day by day , (Currently 112 hours) . Please suggest me what should I do now.
  3. Finally after 1 month I got my first order done . I am very happy , I just want to say to the new sellers please send buyer request religiously don’t losose hope keep going . Thank You . https://www.fiverr.com/s2/384e301187?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs_Mobile
  4. exactly why any buyer will go into buyers request section, These sellers thinks they are marketing but actually they are wasting theirs and others potential buyers time .
  5. I was looking into the buyers request section and I found some buyers(Actually sellers) post their seller request like I am experienced video editor drop me a text you will never regret I promise and blaa bla black , and some sellers post their own YouTube channel link and ask sellers to take a look how the end product should look like by this technique they farm views on YouTube , is there any way to stop it . You can share if it is normal on fiverr because I am new here .
  6. bucks* Did you actually charge that for every offer you’ve sent no matter their budget? If the budget is much higher, it’s likely they’ll overlook you simply because they probably won’t expect decent quality at that price. Thanks I learned something new .
  7. Nobody wants bugs. That sounds desperate. No serious buyer will want to wait forever while you revise and revise and revise… They want you to be able to do it right the first time, or after a revision or two. Some sellers have waited for months until they got their first sale. I got your point buddy, I will avoid this things next time and could you please tell me what is the main point that should be included in the buyers request?
  8. I offer them video editing services for just 5 bugs with unlimited revisions but no they don’t even reply me, I send 10 buyer request everyday since 1 week . What should I tell them so that they show some interest in my gigs ?
  9. How to get first order as new seller on fiver , Why no one is offering me jobs.
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