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  1. Nothing will happen. But I don’t suggest to change Gig images which Gig already got few orders. Because the images are eye-catching or okay that is why people previously click on the image and purchased.
  2. This is temporary. Actually Fiverr want to give a chance to new sellers. That is why, Fiverr temporary rank down old sellers and increased new sellers ranking. So what should old sellers do? Try to get orders from your past buyers. Like if you created a website for one of your past buyers, you can ask him for a special or important service which he will need like website security Do some Gig marketing on social media. But don’t do spamming or Gig favorite exchange (Gig favorite exchange is not Gig marketing) (Note: If you are not getting orders for few months then you can take this step) Change your gig description a little bit. Like write your experience on Fiverr, how many orders you completed, etc. Also, you can change 1 or 2 tags. But don’t change Gig images.
  3. Look at your Gig title bro, create best WordPress affiliate multivendor site! My first question to you: What is affiliate multivendor site???
  4. Good to know that you are getting buyer knocks. I think you should not change anything now, because your gigs are ranking and getting buyer knocks
  5. You are getting clicks that mean buyers are visiting your Gig but they didn’t order your service. You should focus on Gig description I think. I will suggest you to wait 1-2 week more and see the result (My personal suggestion). But don’t try to change Gig images, as you are getting clicks that mean your Gig images are good.
  6. Write offer professionally, and don’t write your services only. Most of the seller only write there service on buyer request. You should first understand what buyer asking for and write how you will do his job. Also use special character for make your offer noticeable to the buyer like: ⏩,⇛
  7. Skill test does not effect on Gig ranking, But impact on profile. When buyer visit your profile and see that You Passed The Test, buyer will trust you that you can complete his project. In skill test, you have to answer about 40 questions
  8. You mean “Out of office”, right? As I know buyer will still able to send message
  9. Truth About Bangladesh: We mostly get orders from USA & UK, Our time zone is totally different from USA & UK. So, many Bangladeshi sellers be active on Fiverr at night. But in my experience I mostly get buyer knock from: 6pm to 10pm and 7Am to 12Am BUT I DON"T ALLOW TO BE ACTIVE ON FIVERR 24/7 I personally be active from 6pm to 1am
  10. Read This Post: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr hope you will get enough information
  11. Really strange, few minutes ago another seller brother told that his impression get down from 800 to 0 https://forum.fiverr.com/t/impressions-from-860-to-0-in-3-days/
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