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  1. I love Bowling, one of my favourite game, takeLove Fiverr 😍
  2. Hey guys!!!!! Finally I also got this Promoted Gigs offer. Few days ago I opened my account from PC and saw this feature added to my Gigs. So that means Charecter Animation gig also are now included in this feature. Thank you Fiverr 🙂
  3. That is a good feature to work for long term, but I want to know - Can anyone get this feature? or is there any specific requirment??? and I think that is little bit risky also, As if the buyer dont want any work or if he/she dont want to work further then what ?? the whole order will be cancel???
  4. I'm really sorry to hear this. I want to say, dont be hopeless. Always belive on GOD and everything will be fine. I'm glad to hear that you are fine now and recoverd from Covid-19 so I'll suggest you to start again, I know it's little difficult but it's not impossible. So Let's Start Again. 🙂
  5. I hope it’ll be good, But I want to ask you something. How can a SELLER featured to be in the"Fiverr’s Choice" category? Which requirment they have to fullfill to get a Fiverr Choice badge?
  6. Ok waiting, hopefully something interesting and helpfull features will be added.
  7. Do not share your personal details and an social media links with the buyers.
  8. The same thing recntly Happend with me. I got an order og 15$ and then I completed it and got 11.85$ which acctually should be 12$. I dont know why this things happening
  10. go to “More” option then click on “Buyer Requests”
  11. acctually their is no tax in india upto 5L (yearly earning) so it depends on how much you are earning.
  12. Hi I found a really helpfull link about this topic hope it’ll help On GST - All the best to all Indians
  13. so If I dont pay any GST or tax then I’ll tick on “How is your service taxed?= Exempt”???
  14. but there is clearly written “INDIAN TAX INFO” so how can it will be only for USA users?
  15. Hello, I just got a notification saying - “Want to keep your Gigs active? You have 30 days left to update your India tax info.” does any one got it to? or can anyone explain it in details?
  16. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and suggestions 👍
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