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  1. The gig needs more professionalism to be honest, but that’s my opinion. Also use better images which would show the buyer what you actually do. Images are a powerful tool. So use it wisely. More information on the gig would help.
  2. I get some customers like this. Ask them to complete the order, refresh the page and re-download the files. That might work.
  3. Hmmm, First of all, never do any work without the buyer accepting an order. Second, did he provide screenshots of the issue he is facing? I feel like you are getting scammed buddy.
  4. It is a strict NO. Contact Fiverr CS and tell them why a call is needed. They will contact the customer and allow it if needed. You will definitely get perma banned if you do that without speaking to CS.
  5. Hmm, I think it is better if you could contact Fiverr CS and see if they can provide a solution. There is nothing much the community can do here. :frowning_face:
  6. There are tons of topics here buddy. I am sure you will get a good solution if you go through some of them. Good luck 😃
  7. This is not a problem. You are most welcome to do that.
  8. Be honest and write your review. It will help other sellers to adapt accordingly. I would do the same. He cannot edit the review and neither can you.
  9. Hi, Try sending buyer request or check this link for more. #Fiverr-Tips Make sure your gig is ready for orders, gig information is key to getting orders. If you have any specific questions just drop a message here and the community will help you out.
  10. Seems to be working for me, Try what @solow13 said, clean cache etc…
  11. Not sure having many gigs would help you. But if most people say that, you can give it a try. I only have one and it has been pretty good with generating revenue. I also have another extra gig which I don’t even use. My suggestion is add a lot of samples of what you are offering. Fast communication also helps, when you start to get orders, deliver them as soon as you can. Those are the stuff I did to become a level 2 seller. So hope you research more and do what is best for you. Good luck buddy!
  12. Haha, I keep calm as well but if the buyer is actually trying to be annoying I get sarcastic 😃 I do not disrespect, but sarcastic for sure. I definitely do not like rude tones.
  13. Wowzer, You will have to add more samples and make sure the gig is unique. Give a buyer a reason to purchase from you. Make sure communication is fast.
  14. Hello, welcome to the community. You got this, Just provide a good service. Clear and fast communication always help. Early deliveries make clients very generous 😃 Just give the buyer the idea that they in safe hands. You will be alright. Good luck.
  15. To be honest it is a bit challenging to get orders now. So your gig basically needs to be top notch. It can’t be just another random gig. If I ask you what is so different about you than the other sellers. Can you answer? That is exactly how the buyer thinks. There are a lot of resources you can gather here. Use them and learn from them. Good luck !!!
  16. Not sure if you can see the link so here it is again.
  17. Welcome to the community. Hope your journey on Fiverr will make it worthwhile. Here are some of the tips I think that would be helpful to you. Tips If you have more specific questions just drop a message here and the community will help you out.
  18. Hello, Welcome to the community. You can give a look here #Fiverr-Tips:tips-for-sellers Personally I think sending buyer request is the best way to start your journey on Fiverr. Try sharing your gig in Social media. If you have more questions just drop a post here and the community will help you out.
  19. Better to move on. You cant expect everyone to leave a 5 star. I’v had similar experiences, just mention on the review that you are surprised to see this 1 star review and state the above on your review. So that another buyer would see your review and understand what really happened in that order.
  20. I and many others had the issue of losing the gig position after editing the gig. But some did not, maybe it depends on the niche. My suggestion is not do it, but if it is really required you can go ahead. 🙂
  21. I think more information is required to answer this question. Not sure which seller category this falls to, but drop a message first and continue to provide the service you offer. Make sure to prepare an answer just in case if this backfires. If he responds within the deadline send him a request to extend the delivery date due to insufficient information. This also depends on the buyer, If he is cool person everything will work well.
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