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  1. thanks and my suggestion is that to please be careful because fiverr ban you directly without gives you any warning
  2. yes i think freelancing is not platform for me and when i see your profile i always full of positiveness thank you and bye
  3. i am fine and you i am in class 12 so now i am studying 😆
  4. @hinajehan fiverr gives my account back for 7 days to withdraw my remaining funds and thanks for your support also
  5. i contacted but i think they not do anything because at the last of message they say please dont contact customer support
  6. thanks i will try but i got some success in fiverr only
  7. support@fiverr.com. Is the correct one. thanks 😭
  8. ohk i will try and good bye alwida best of luck for your career
  9. Sorry to hear that, but if you have the skill (surely you have developed) you can try you luck on other marketplaces. The Internet is full with opportunities. yes i know but i am beginner so where i find my clients
  10. i am unable to contact because i am unable to login
  11. thanks you really motivate me bye and thanks again
  12. you always help me thanks for your help bye
  13. my account is ban without any reason thank you all for support and i really not know why my account is ban it show i am using the images used by other sellers on fiverr but i always make my images in canva and use them @hinajehan thanks again for all your support after that i will stop my freelancing career good bye
  14. When I was new to Fiverr I felt that way too. Now, only a few of my buyers are the those I found in Buyer Requests. Most of my present buyers find me in the Fiverr Search. this is by gig ranking i think so or you can suggest me anything i am a new seller
  15. i am telling this new seller because everyone not have free time like you all are busy
  16. Buyer requests are not a magic trick. It’s just one of the tools that new sellers can use. Some can’t even profit from buyer requests. The main point is to be good at what you are doing and don’t rely only on BR or fiverr algorithm to get you orders. i got 5 regular clients from buyer request and this is magic for me and i know this is a tool but i liked most this tool in fiverr
  17. Are you aware that she was a new seller when she started, just like everyone else? Then how come she’s getting sales? i know this because now the competition become very high
  18. Says the seller who says that creating 7 gigs is a “magic trick for new sellers” why are you saying like that my meaning is that using buyer request is magic trick for new sellers
  19. i mean he need to create in same category but different sub-category this will help
  20. No it isn’t. That makes no sense. Don’t make things up in the forum. Why would Fiverr prioritize sellers based on stupid tricks like this? And even if they did, like 50,000 sellers are doing these things right now. And there aren’t even that many buyers. So buyers buy from people because they do stupid tricks? Why are you coming here making things up about things you don’t understand? Fiverr is a business. They prioritize sellers based on their alignment with Fiverr’s business objectives, not because the sellers pull silly tricks. thanks you actually not know what matters for a new seller every new seller have a dream to get his first order 🙏
  21. and one more thing your buyer mark as complete your order if yes then it will be clear after 14 days
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