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  1. thanks and my suggestion is that to please be careful because fiverr ban you directly without gives you any warning
  2. yes i think freelancing is not platform for me and when i see your profile i always full of positiveness thank you and bye
  3. i am fine and you i am in class 12 so now i am studying 😆
  4. @hinajehan fiverr gives my account back for 7 days to withdraw my remaining funds and thanks for your support also
  5. i contacted but i think they not do anything because at the last of message they say please dont contact customer support
  6. thanks i will try but i got some success in fiverr only
  7. support@fiverr.com. Is the correct one. thanks 😭
  8. ohk i will try and good bye alwida best of luck for your career
  9. Sorry to hear that, but if you have the skill (surely you have developed) you can try you luck on other marketplaces. The Internet is full with opportunities. yes i know but i am beginner so where i find my clients
  10. i am unable to contact because i am unable to login
  11. thanks you really motivate me bye and thanks again
  12. you always help me thanks for your help bye
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