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  1. As you are LLM dregree holder, you have firm grip on Indian penal code, polity and all the minute equipments of our judiciary. And there is a lot of rquirement on law related facts. Why don’t to create a gig on this domain.??? I apologize, if you don’t like my suggestion.
  2. I would like to suggest you something if you don’t mind!!! .
  3. obviously he is trying to scam you and instead of him paying his fee he is trying to make you to pay your 20% commission and on top of that for you to compensate his fee discounting your price even more. It’s not your responsibility to pay his fees. Thank you so much dear @mariashtelle1 . Thanks a lot. After seeing your comment I actually visited my previous orders and found sightly increased amount in all of them and they did not ask me for that. I have not yet read the “Rule Book” properly, that might be the reason for my misunderstanding. I will read it thoroughly today. And I think you are correct, because the moment I told my buyer that it is the service fee. He suddenly stopped conversation and went offline. Thank you so much dear. Thank you for your kind information. You saved me from that scammer
  4. You and your client really need to read the rules. Just an FYI: your client could clearly see on his invoice the price that you put + extra 2$ processing fee. They clearly knew what is the difference and why. Thanks for the information. My clint is saying that, it is my discripency
  5. I really don’t know whether the problem is faced me only me or by some others too. Today I sent an offer of $10 to a consumer. In INR, $10 is equal to 755.38 rupess. But the moment I sent the $10 offer to my consumer it is showing 997 rupees. As a result of which the consumer is thinking that I am arusing my price whiout informing him. And there is not a single option to create the deal in INR. But because this this “Inappropriateness of Fiverr” I lost the offer, which was about to be a chain of offers. If this kind of discripancy take place on fiverr then how I can stay on fiverr and reccommend others to join fiver.
  6. Urvisha, you need to be sure that your money has completed 14 days after being credited to your fiver earning . Because fiver takes 14 days to ease its payment to flow. If your are withdrawing it through " Bank Transfer" then the payment must be $20 (minimum). Otherwise you can’t. Thank you dear. @urvishaa
  7. Go to the “more” option on your profile. There yu can get the “Buyers request” option at the top. Dear @hateunfair
  8. Dear, Beside promotions, you have to improve your communication skill s with your consumer while dealing on order. It means, you have to be prompt in dealing. As I also faced the same. Next you can go to facebook and search for the group that are in search of your services. Approach them. While bidding on buyers’ request, be sure, you are mentioning only the points the buyers want. Try to remain online as much as possible. Because on fiverr rather than new clients daily, old clients come again and again. Thus, maintaining a professional tone in your dealing would give you the edge to stay in your buyers’ attention for long time. At your initial stage, you have to work harder. It will give you the fruit one day. Thank you so much.
  9. Hello friends, While creating my fiverr profile I attached my paoneer account to it. But now,during withdrawing the money, the option for payoneer is not showing. Would you like to suggest me the way to incorporate my payoneer accout to it? (as there is no option blinking) and why my already attached payoneeer is not showing.?
  10. hahahha… This is my 14th day and I am unable to withdraw my money… that is the thing I wanted to say. Dear
  11. Hay Friends, It is the 14th date of my last payment for withdrawl. But I am not able to do it. Please help me to know that cause…
  12. Hello Vivan how are you? => 1. Your (10 Offers left today) is the notification on your “Buyers Request” section, that indicates the limitation on your daily offers, that you can place. To get more orders, you should promote your gig on different social media platforms, especially facebook. Here you can get live audiences, who are actually in search of freelancers. Just search on the specific community/group you are willing to give services to. Then continue to send offers to buyers, with specific and eye-catching wordings and with professionalism. Everyday you will get 10 offers to submit, try each day. Who knows, tomorrow you get a potential order. Try to remain online, as much as possible. For that, download fiverr app on your phone and remain online for 24/7. If you need further help, you can inform me. I will help you. THANK YOU SO MUCH ( Stay well stay safe)
  13. I was always in search of happiness, but never ever found in whatever things I was engaged in. Probably because of an urge to earn money or making some monetary benefit. After wasting a lot of time directed by this urge finally I trace the treasure. I got to realize myself, I explored myself, I understood what I want. That realisation is something morethan generating revenue. Do you want to know what I am talking about? It is the satisfaction we can give to other people. yes. We actually get happines in making others happy. We fetch the motivation from there to polish ourselves more and more to give another layer of charm to the eyes of our customers. The opportunity is given by fiverr, and I am applauded today. Thus, from the depth of my heart I am willing to express my thanks to the whole team of fiverr. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  14. @sumandebnat1997 this is nothing dear. CSV is a file type like pdf, jpg, txt . And this option is like your Bank Passbook, if you click there and export it it will download a .csv file to your computer where all you earning reports there. thank you so much @seo_tester
  15. Might be you are here on this platfrom for a lot of time , atleast more than I spent. But I only have 17 days experience… Thus, to clearify few more things I would have to ask stupid questions … If you don’t like, please ignore… It’s a request…Thank you so much dear @jovicdesigns @humanissocial
  16. You see this search icon right besides your profile picture? First enter your question there. I only wrote “What Csv” and i got quite a good amount of topics, here is the first one. 😁 Okay… Let me know one thing, Did not you ever ask anything on fiverr, that is already existing…
  17. You are one hundred percent true Mr. @jovicdesigns. I appreciate…But on CSV, I think it is scarce. If I know about them properly, then why would I spent time here. Ans I am not not trying to spread negative vive. We are all like family members Not a patform to argue… Try to understand my point please dear
  18. And where do you think the community gets that information? From the article I sent you! The community doesn’t have some secret knowledge about how Fiverr works. It is all public. You can look it up yourself. Forums aren’t for repeating information that already exists. Honestly… Do you really think that’s what they’re here for? It reached to everybody,that’s why the conversation with you has started. Yes, there are the options which are visible to the public, you are 100% right. But do all of these have description box attached to them. Is there anything written below the “Byers Request” option? about what it is for or anything do you find below the option “Gig” as its description? We can see all the options and can use them too. But how to use them properly, this is to be learnt properly for the beginners… many of these might be studied from google and youtube, but after using, we feel some problems at the personal level, which can only be solved with a proper communication. At that point it is necessary to ask question. fiver has created this sphere for assessing the experience of their members. And if a person is not aware of the functionaing of any of its options and want to seek solution from other fiverr members and get satisfied with it, it can also be included as an experience. NOW YOU MENTIONED THE REPETITION: How many questions have been asked on the platform on CSV? There might be many repeatitive questions, but on CSV I did not find one. So there is no repetition in my question at all… Dear @humanissocial
  19. I did not ask you personally to do my homework. I asked to all the community. Being a community member if you feel that it is possible for you to solve my problem then solve if not then leave, There are millions of people with millions of fiverr related questions working on this platform. They will ask question to the community & fiverr gives them the opportunity which can not be snatched by anyone.If a person googles a fiver-topic they may get a broad description on that particular topic, but the specificity/nuance complexity can be solved only after consulting with experienced persons, and that is why this platform is built .And nobody is going to solve the problem of anybody at personal level, that’s why the fiverr community is the ultimate source of knlowledge and solution.THUS, IN FUTURE, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER I FEEL THE NEED TO SOLVE ANY OF MY FIVER RELATED PROBLEM, I WILL ASK THE COMMUNITY WITH FULL OF CONFIDENCE because FIVERR GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO DO. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. I WILL ASK QUESTIONS ON ANY FIVER RELATED PROBLEM IN FUTURE … for sure Dear @humanissocial
  20. If asking fiver related questions create clogging to this community platform then, suggest me which category of question should be asked here?If it is really creating problem to the community as a whole, then the authority would have informed me to check my category of query? (But they are not doing so)Suggest me the most complex genre of question that can not be answered by even google, and I have to shift to fiver community for an accurate answer. @humanissocial
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