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  1. Hey! I’ve been inactive for like ~2 months. Since then had a lot of unanswered messaged and haven’t completed even a single gig. Now, would like to get back to Fiverr. How can I get my account active back again? For now, I doubt if even one client will be able to find my gigs listed. Friendly,
  2. Paypal withdrawal -> Transfer to Transferwise --> exchanging currency --> transfer to your bank acc
  3. Buyers are not required to leave reviews. If he chooses not to do so, that is well within his rights, according to the Fiverr Terms of Service. Propably have described it vague. Order is not finished yet. That’s why he wasnt able to leave a review
  4. Well it was delivered like 3 times already. Each time he marked it as “in revision” and kept demanding more.
  5. Hi, Did gig for a buyer. It was clearly said: Develop sites for buttons X, Y, Z. Omitting that buyer was unresponsive (he replied just when he wanted something. Never to explain wider or take a look at proposed idea how a site should look like) finished the gig. All of the points that were on the scope are finished. Now - he did not finish the gig, despite delivered it like 3 times already. Requesting work that was not in the scope. Clearly it was not in the scope. Now he has his sites developed, and he still holds the money. And he still did not give me a review. Honestly, I would tell him to go **** himself, but the review. Wouldn’t like to get a bad one. What can I do?
  6. Hi, it’s been messy lately with Payonerr. Can someone explain to me how does it finally work? When I withdrew funds last time, Payoneer automatically changed USD to my local currency. Does it still work? If so, what are the fees not including a 2% fee for transfer? The last time I withdraw my funds shrank from 42$ to 35$. That’s a huge difference. Is there a possibility to withdraw in USD? I have Polish account in USD but Payoneer still exchanged money from USD to PLN, then money arrived to my bank and got exchanged again from PLN to USD (because the account is in USD) what makes totally no sense at all. Thanks in advance for a reply
  7. Hi, since I am not able to send ticket to Fiverr moderation, I would like to disconnect my Payonerr from Fiverr. It is connected to wrong bank account. Currently funds from Fiverr are changing currency from USD to PLN (by default by Fiverr/Payonerr), then again from PLN to USD, because I have connected account in USD to Fiverr. That totally make no sense, that’s why I want to disconnect. Friendly, Michal
  8. Hey, got one more question. Does Fiverr automacitaly change currency to local? By that I mean - I live in Poland, however send USD from Fiverr to my polish USD account. It got changed from USD to PLN, then once again from PLN to USD (because account is in USD)
  9. That is what I was asking about. Thank you
  10. Hey, wanted to ask what’s the native currency of fiverr. By that I mean - I would like to avoid any fees for changing currency when getting paid
  11. Hello! My gig statistics are paused continouosly for like 2 month now. It is written: “We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.” What to do?
  12. Does Fiverr take some kind of commision from freelancer? If yes, what’s the percentage? Regards,
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