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  1. Hello bayezidmithu, Thank you for your post. Customer support is here to help everyone that uses this platform but some “issues” are brought to Fiverrs attention are not relevant in the first place. As blavaro mentioned, this is why CS reply time is loaded because they receive thousands of these type of support tickets and thus creates a backlog of unnecessary issues. Fiverr is a performance based marketplace, you deliver excellence & consistently able to generate revenue, you are more likely to be pushed up in the system. It is worth noting that are a huge amount of sellers depending on your gig service. You main gig has around 11,514 active sellers. You are competing against 11k people for 1st page that features 48 sellers. It is a competitive so take that on board, ive been 1st page, ive been 8th page, keep focusing on providing excellence and work will come. Another point is fairness, Fiverr tries to give new sellers sometime on the front pages so they can get started as well, its called circulation for that very reason. I would like all sellers to take note of this as a community and free up CS from performance based issues, unless there is an actual issue with your gig. Ranking lower than you previously did is not a reason in my opinion to be sending support tickets to CS. Every time i have contacted CS for issues they have been fantastic, prompt and efficient, I believe the slow response time is due to the nature of your support ticket (+ overloads of this type of “issue”) not being an actual tangible issue they can solve. Hope that clears that up for both you and any other sellers on here. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi Ridtech, continue providing an outstanding service, which is the reason you received this in the first place 🙂
  3. Welcome to the game, best of luck. Need any advice let me know.
  4. TRS or even TRS evaluation is not something that is automatically achieved once you hit that milestone. I surpassed mine 2 months ago and it does not mean you get promoted or from my experience even considered with an evaluation notice, best way forward is to continue providing excellent work, generate consistent revenue and always be grinding 🙂
  5. It has happened to me before and it eventually sorts itself out. My advice, try stay calm and patient as best as possible (trust me, I know how it feels) the system gives everyone a fair rotation, its just part of the platform.
  6. Welcome to the platform. Like any marketplace you have to compete with other active sellers. How saturated is your service, how is your pricing compared with other sellers? Do you have a strong portfolio? Do you have a video explaining why the buyer should choose you? These are just some tips to help you on your way. Thanks.
  7. Hey Welcome, i did have this issue once, what file format is the video? I changed my video’s extension and it fixed the issue.
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