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  1. Found your gig, your page 4 for search term “shopify video ads” Screenshot 2020-11-26 1106001275×688 182 KB
  2. Can you send me your gig and i will check?
  3. Do not contact customer services. Check this to see if your gig is active. Fiverr.com Login to FiverrFiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.
  4. I disagree that it is impossible, as you just said they are “testing and developing” because this feature is not a public release as of yet. All i am saying is i have gone from 1000-2000 impressions to 74. I have nearly 100k in earnings since Jan, i am Fiverrs choice on my gig, my reviews are strong (84% rated with 99% 5 star positive), 100% stats and so on. If the algorithm is based on performance then i should be page one or there abouts, not page 90. There is clearly a link between using this feature and organic search reduction with other users reporting the same issue.
  5. You can use this to see if your gig is active, https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig?level1=not_searchable
  6. Same mate, i deactivated mine now, i was very excited and understand its still in development. Its clear my gig rating has been effected negatively even though my performance has been top class, with postive feedback, repeat orders within the month, large three figure tips etc.
  7. Seems to be a site wide issue. I am sure Fiverr is working on fixing this.
  8. Yes me too, i am going to stop using this feature at once until they fix this…
  9. I have not been very impressed with the promoted gigs thus far. Right now I am maxed out on both daily budget, and my bid. I have had zero orders, and i have been tracking the impressions and it has not changed from 204 for some days… I thought maybe it is due to other gigs outperforming mine however, my actual gig is quite decent, Fiverrs choice, large revenue per month, great customer feedback. Screenshot 2020-11-25 0912441347×638 38.6 KBI agree with proadvert9 regarding organic searches decreasing, running these ads seems to tie into my gig being nuked… Screenshot 2020-11-25 0915411177×333 30.3 KBThe issue is its like a game of cat and mouse, you see your gig performance worse off and you react and thus make assumptions about the feature. However from my experience this far, its not working as i thought it would, as there is a cap on the bidding, how do two gigs paying the same compete? Fiverr needs to remove the cap and let the highest bidder win, like other advertising platforms. If running ads destroys your natural order then this should be highlighted, every since i started using this feature my gig performance has been on a downward trajectory.
  10. You failed to meet the original deadline, maybe the buyer expressed his point of view to CS that he didnt had any choice or something thats why he accepted. CS response clearly mentions the mistake which other sellers pointed out. And in the TOS, no google drive link is mentioned. You are required to send work through Fiverr order page only not others. So another mistake. I wont be replying now as no use wasting time. Have fun with newbies response like above one. Peace out Well first off, it is allowed to deliver via google drive. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010639437-Delivering-an-Order?segment=seller I don’t know how you can believe that it’s OK to accept the extension and then ask for a refund stating it is late. Does this make sense to you? I just would like an answer to my ticket as there is new information (video is being used). At least Fiverr could take action and remove the video. They haven’t even done that! Why should I back down? Even if I don’t get paid back for this the video must be deleted. They need to do atleast that The way i see it, if Fiverr can help and agree with you they typically will, if they do not wish to take action, they will not, It is as simple as that. We as sellers/buyers all accept the terms & conditions and Fiverr will also resolve the right to have the final say. If Fiverr will not issue a refund then you have to accept this, if you want the video taken down for some sort of justice, you could contact YouTube and explain the issue. To save yourself more stress, i would just concede, move on and focus on providing good work on your gigs.
  11. Hey Loathen, I understand your frustration but sometimes it is worth cutting your loses, accepting that some things in life cannot always face justice and learn from the experience. I know you have lost sometime/money but as the value is low in the grand scheme of things (no offense intended) i would accept this and move on with your life and keep delivering excellent work on the platform 🙂
  12. I do buddy 🙂 I started selling in Jan 2020 and made the big jump a few months later. It has been a rollercoaster of year with amazing ups and downs but I love the choice I made, even though the risk was huge. like anything in life nothing is ever secure or set in stone, even with a full time job… I guess the way the world has changed with Covid this has changed even more. The great thing about Fiverr is you can earn more than you would in a standard 9-5 but like you mentioned you can earn less. In my opinion nothing risked, nothing gained. Thanks, Andrew 🙂
  13. My advice, speak with the seller, explain that you need the requirements to be met before you can sign off the work (providing that is what was ordered/agreed). You can also request a revision on the order and mention this within the revision request (assume that you have not signed off the work). If that fails, then you can of course escalate this further. Thanks, Andrew
  14. I would not be so hasty to just cancel an order based on the information provided. I would always suggest speaking with the seller, explain / remind them of the agreement and take it from there. The seller might have forgotten, not understood, either way its how they react/respond to this issue, it looks like they have attempted to solve part of the issue, showing they are willing to help. Obviously we do not know the full story either side, but i would highlight your concerns and if the seller refuses and this this goes against the gig you ordered, then you should raise the issue with customer support. Thanks, Andrew
  15. Sorry but i do disagree with your approach and maybe other sellers can provide their thoughts on this matter. I mentioned, “It depends on many factors.” If you report a seller for sending you a follow up message after a sale on your order (if that message is not breaking any rules) you are abusing the report system. As the TOS mentions, you should not be sending “malicious content” or offers/messages/content that is not related to Gigs or orders. There are ways to talk with customers respectfully and sending a message after a job has been completed is completely safe and fair if you follow the TOS. As I highlighted, context is everything. Thanks, Andrew
  16. I would maybe wait a few days, spamming requests may have caused an issue. If you still have issues, i would contact customer support.
  17. Hi Eva, You can visit this page for help, https://www.fiverr.com/support/. In terms of restoring i would reach out to your hosting company they should be able to help you roll back the changes. Regarding refunds that is for customer services to decided, they will review the situation and act accordingly. We of course only have one side the story but customer services will ensure that the proper actions will be taken. Hope that helps, Andrew
  18. It depends on many factors. Do they require additional services.Did they have a great experience with you.Are you offering unique opportunities to them.There is no harm sending a client a message and asking if there is any additional work you can help them with, but do not spam customers or demand work 🙂
  19. Hmmm, not sure changing your email would work unless you can request the card more than once. Did you manage to request a second time?
  20. Of course, it does depend on how saturated your skillset is but if you offer quality services and customers can see this with your portfolio, it is possible 🙂
  21. Hi Eva, sorry to hear this but hopefully we can help you on your way. I would suggesting contacting customer support and letting them know the issue, they will be able to help resolve this by reviewing all aspects on the order between buyer and seller. Another solution to help you fix your website issue would be to contact your hosting company and ask if they can restore your website to before the issue happened. Thank you, Andrew
  22. It may have updated over the last 60 days, but i see your average response time is 1hour (which is great) You may have missed a message and its counted on the system.
  23. Sorry to hear about this, customer services will 100% help you out with this issue. If there is anything i can do to help. Please let me know. Thanks, Andrew
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