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  1. thanks for the comment and your kind words, but I’m not that type of person who will just take that and move on… I won’t respect myself if not to try to get these funds back. And this amount is very significant for me

    Trust me, i do get it but there is very little you can do in reality other that waste your own time/money. The chargeback is not against you in theory (as far as i am aware) it is against Fiverr. You cannot even raise a case with a bank about this because the chargeback has not been filed against you. You have to also understand Fiverr’s point of view, if the “buyer” has said their credit card was stolen and someone made fraud payment on this, there is very little they can do… they can provide evidence to the bank but again this takes up more time/resources and i assume its better to cut their losses on some cases.

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  2. Sorry to hear this, it happened to me last year for a significant amount as well.

    As much as it can be a kick in the teeth, its sometimes better to just take the hit and move on.

    Unfortunately I am not sure there is many ways to protect anyone from this when you accept payments that are not direct transfers. Many websites have to deal with this issue and on the surface it seems like the banking/financial sector need to do more to protect against fraud claims.


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  3. I am having a dilemma now. I can deliver the work and the seller won’t notice that the work is flawed (because she seems nice and doesn’t know how it works) but the information she has given me isn’t enough for me to do a good job.

    I’m worried about the algorithm if I cancel as well. If I explain the situation to her, she can report me.

    Did you not ask your buyer to provide more information?

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  4. I guess you could potentially go down the copyright infringement path and flag the content on the third party site as being a breach of copyright. The best your going to get is the removal the video but that might be as far as you can go with this. In terms of recovering funds, if the order has been cancelled via Fiverr there is not much you can do I am afraid. Sometimes these situations are better cutting your loses and moving on.

  5. Thank you everyone for the kind comments, it is truly appreciated. I have been reflecting on my thread and there was a few things I missed out that i feel is worth mentioning.

    The burnout effect

    I believe this stage is inevitable in all walks of life, no matter if your a CEO, Rockstar or Fiverr Seller, there will come a time when workloads will be extremely stressful and can take their toll on you both mentally and physically. It is not just about the workload but life at some point will throw a curve ball at you and understanding/coping with this is a very important stage for longevity. Society has somewhat recently pushed /influenced many entrepreneurs to embody mindsets such as;

    “no sleep team” “grind it out” “no weakness” “adapt or die” “sleep is for the weak”

    I appreciate the motivational aspect to these quotes and I do live by the subtext of some of these but the reality is you need to keep healthy (mind and body) to continue delivering excellence to your customers.

    There is very little value in running yourself into the ground because there will come at point no matter how committed or driven you are that you will hit a wall. A healthy life work balance is very important and can often help improve your skills.

    It is ok to say no

    I forgot to mention in my customer support section that you do not always need to say yes to everything. I understand the concept behind saying yes to all customers because we all want to do a good job however there is positives in saying no. I pride myself with telling my customers when their idea/request might not actually be good or outside the scope of work.

    Remember you are the professional of your skill, your opinion does count and you are here with your customers best interests in mind. That being said, how you choose to tell your customers “no” is an artform that requires understanding, explanation, comprehension and ultimately showing respect.

    Often customers will request extra work without the understanding the extra costs / extra work related to the request. If you find a customer is requesting well outside the scope of the project use this as a catalyst to upsell your work, remember be a great sales person.

    Do not be reactive

    We are all human and when someone is unhappy with your work we often become defensive, reactive and all which can lead down a path to hostility. No one likes being told by a customer that they are not pleased with your work. Everyone’s expectations can be different but the worst thing you can do is to react to negative communications with equal negativity or aggression.

    We have all been there with a difficult buyer, you have given the customer everything (even free work) delivered everything they have requested but they are not happy. Some buyers can be rude, insulting and nasty about your work and its natural to become hurt or offended. My advice is to not message back until you are calm, level headed and in a positive mindset. You will be surprised at the results if you are clam and understand the issue while attempting to solve the problem together. It is always a good idea to try see it from the customers point of view as well which will allow you both to come to a positive solution.

    Hopefully these tips helps, thank you once again.


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  6. Absolutely disagree - my best buyers ever doesn’t have profile picture, there is almost zero information about them - I mean account is not unprofessional, it’s almost empty, and some of them are sellers and buyers at the same time

    I agree but the opposite as well can also be true. I have had customers who appear to be genuine with all the signs, top buyer, bio, picture, reviews etc yet the customer decided to go down a path of fraud. Sometimes these things just happen and it is part of life.

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  7. Hello and welcome!

    You can start with more than one gig category if you feel you are proficient in this service. Just be aware that some categories are more competitive than others and getting an order may take time.

    Also if you have just recently just “learned graphic design” you are competing with years of experience in a highly competitive industry. Ask yourself, are you ready to start selling a service you have just learned? (depending of course what you are offering) just be careful not to set yourself up to fail.

    The forum is full of advice for new sellers, good luck!

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  8. There are some obvious signs that someone is a “scammer” mainly being disingenuous or outside the normal proceedings with their requests. It also depends what you mean by scammer, some people have less morals and are able to take advantage of people and situations for their gain. Some people would even argue that chargebacks (when done for personal again) is another form of scamming/fraud, in these cases it is almost impossible to tell until it is too late. Best word of advice, be vigilant, do not do anything that you feel uncomfortable doing and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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  9. I believe that communication efficiency really comes down to the seller and not always based on their time zone. For example you have some sellers that work strict set of hours with set days off, they will only be active in those hours so being on the same time zone does not really matter.

    I would say the best solution is finding a seller that has good communication skills regardless of time zones as this is really the most important element.

    You can filter by online sellers to speak with sellers that are online or you can check the Avg. response time of the seller to gauge a rough idea on how long they may take to get back to you.

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  10. The Undeliverables

    They request revisions even just to ask a question, accepting delivery is not a choice that will ever be taken without a fight! Accepting delivery is avoided like the plague and a battle between redelivering the order and requesting revisions can go on for an eternity. The fight between the countdown and the choice is left to the “The Undeliverables” :rofl:

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  11. I believe it’s 10 days. You can neither leave a review nor respond to the review after that.

    It’s to give your buyer a chance to try the product out to leave an honest and accurate review (I’m assuming).

    Yep, you are right, the buyer has ten days to leave reviews once the order is marked as complete. 🙂

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  12. I do get where you are coming from and it is something i have thought about but there would be issues in creating such feature and would effect buyers / Fiverr’s user experience.

    Direct purchases should be fine because you have total control of the project, delivery time and price. If you have a gig that is not clearly defined then you need to amend this as best as possible.

    If a customer orders something and asks for more, that is up to the seller to let them know that what they have asked for is extra and thus would incur additional budget. It is very challenging for many sellers to say no, but it is not the end of the world if you are polite and explain, you can even make more money by upselling :).

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  13. I see quite a lot of topics about bad customers, scammers, awful sellers, overall negative stories that do seem to make the headlines in our forum…

    After nearly a year working on Fiverr i wanted to share some positivity and let others know amazing customers exist and overall are the majority that i deal with as a seller.

    I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing people and businesses on Fiverr, people who are positive about your work means everything to me and being able to help support people who truly value your craft, there is no better feeling.

    I have of course experienced my fair share of tough situations but overall the majority of customers are great people and hopefully this post can inspire others who maybe are having a batch of difficult customers / projects.

    One thing i started to invest in was my customer support skills, I came from a corporate world and you have to adapt to a new way of working on Fiverr. Your customer support skills can often turn those “difficult customers” into amazing ones by the way you handle situations. This was an important step for me, often it is easier to blame the other person but looking inward can often help with your external situations.

    Thanks everyone,

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  14. I have been in many situations before regarding music/soundtrack choices/disagreements. What i would suggest as a positive way forward is to not only suggest music but suggest tracks based on how they fit the video. You can show your proffesionalism by explaining how these will work better than others. Give a selection based on types of music, for example

    Track one : Corporate (upbeat style) explain the reasons why this could work, such as the video is for a corporate setting, its light hearted without being too intrusive.

    Track two: Modern Dubstep (energetic style) explain the reasons why this could work, such as the video is for a younger audience and matches the energetic video setting.

    Once you have a good selection of tracks 1-5, i would then say, if these do not fit your styling can you let me know what type of music you would be looking for. The customer may say that they are looking for country music and now you can home in on that.

    Just some tips 🙂

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  15. The Fiverr app is a great tool for sellers, it gives you the freedom to work while you are away from traditional settings such as your office. I use the app everyday to reply to messages, check up on any orders/updates and making sure my account is in good standing.

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  16. you are not understanding, why would i open a new ticket if they keep it open and respond back. It said clearly that they will contact me back on same ticket but some other member which is really annoying closed the ticket. Thats why i open it

    “If Fiverr support closes the ticket without a reply, you can take this as the issue is closed.” I do not know what your support requests are, but if CS are closing these without messaging back, i am sure there is a reason for doing so.

  17. still this doesnt give them any reason to close ticket and ignore the messages. They have the time to read the msg and then close it but cant reply back. 1 of the member got back to me, he said they are investigating this issue and will get back to me in this ticket but this joke DREW closed that ticket for no reason. It stated clearly they will get back to me but he doesnt understand that, thats why i opened new ticket as i was expecting a response but he keeps closing them.

    It does though, if your spamming which is against TOS, anyone posting 10+ tickets will get ignored, it is not professional behaviour from their perspective.

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