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  1. Inception was so boring I almost fell asleep. I didn’t care about the characters, and there was nothing deep about it.

    Disaster Report 4 should have been GOTY. It’s the funniest game I have ever played.

    If we’re honest with ourselves, many regulars define their entire existence on this forum by “helping” new members by public shaming and pretending to not enjoy it.

    I do enjoy shaming scammers, and I think they deserve it.

    Feel like there is a hidden level of inception being used here.

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  2. I started selling on Fiverr few months ago with my best selling gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/xE3L3Z and I made it to level one within 2months as a seller. So far, I’ve completed 29 orders with 27 reviews and they are all positive, I’m happy for that progress!

    Unfortunately, I started noticing a drop in my stats (Impressions, Clicks and Orders), I noticed my 4Gigs are no more in search, after few research I found them in the last page of the search, I was so confused because I’m very careful there is no cancellation, I made every delivery on time and I’ve so far maintain a full ratings… I think if at all there should be any drop in search, It shouldn’t be straight to the last page from the front…

    Well that made me conclude of quitting this platform and maybe start my own website or move on to other freelance site.

    I’ve notice over time that fiverr customer support has no regards for their sellers and this is something that is bad

    This was just my honest experience as a seller on fiverr. Fiverr is not a business that goes for long, Major reason I will like to quit and find a sustainable means of income.

    Thanks for reading.

    Well that made me conclude of quitting this platform and maybe start my own website or move on to other freelance site.

    If you give up then you will make zero progress on Fiverr but if persevere you at least have the opportunity to turn things around. Would you give up if you did not work on the platform? Would you give up if your business faced issues? Would you give up at school on a hard test? These are all challenges in life that help you get better. Embrace the hardship you will come out better from the other side 🙂

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  3. Yeah, I am done with it. I just needed his final, final approval. He liked the changes I made before he left. I just wanted to show him what everything looked like together.

    I understand and been in that situation before, as long as you clearly explain the situation i am sure the customer will understand and if they knew any changes can still be made.

  4. 1 day on one and then 10 days on the other. I guess I could deliver them and then have him use one of his revisions when he responds. Thanks!

    Have you completed the work? You can also send a message to tell the customer not to worry if it times out and you will honour any changes.

  5. Great post Frank, very insightful.

    I think sellers often get blindsided by the hidden metrics and also not take into account the different types of sellers on the platform that effects the “rankings”.

    There are small fish, big fish and then there are the whales. I see many people complaining about gig ranking who might not work on the weekends, I often see people talking about gig de-ranking because they took a extended break from working, or sellers that take time to get back to buyers (10+ hours or even days).

    Disclaimer breaks are essential for health / wellbeing and I am not saying taking breaks / having a good work life balance is a bad thing however there will be sellers (mostly the whales) who do not function like this. Often they have the recourses in place to be as effective as possible and run their gigs efficiently like a business.

    It can be a tough marketplace and sometimes it might not just be because you have “dropped the ball” but rather than sellers around you are just out performing you.

    Just my two cents 🙂

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  6. The replies here are getting me confused. Isn’t revision supposed to be on uncompleted orders? Once an order is marked as complete, the revisions can no longer be used, right? They can only be used before the order is completed.

    Because it is insane that 10months after a job is done, the client wants revisions based on a previous order that has been completed

    Yes revisions are for active orders not completed orders. In this case the client has had the code for 10 months and during this point it may have been changed multiple times and therefore not the original state that OP had delivered. If OP was to offer revisions now they would then take on work that could involve other issues that is not his responsibility. I would provide the list of evidence to customer support and seek their advice. You say she contacted you personally? As in outside of the platform? It is a TOS violation and may help your side of the case. Best way forward is contacting the support team.

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  7. Great to hear others had good results. My experience was poor, long story short my gig’s rank tanked… I tried using the feature with the highest max bid no messages, no sales, only massive loss in my gig position.

    I am not sure if a gig is removed from its natural ranking during the promotion (be interested to know because that might be the reason for the sudden lose in ranking impressions).

    This of course is a different story for the other levels

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  8. i am still level two but not TRS.

    Have you reached all the technical milestones to be a TRS? It seems you have worked very hard and making that income on Fiverr is a reason to celebrate for sure but something is going on if you haven’t been promoted to TRS.

    Yes since September last year i have be eligible for TRS and I often wonder what one must do to achieve this final promotion but what will be will be. Thank you for your kind comments, it has been a crazy year to say the least.

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  9. It’s not about prices only.

    You need to experiment with all kinds of stuff, see what works and what doesn’t.

    I also feel that every seller learns with each order and adapts towards the Fiverr eco system. Some sellers choose to deliver the order as per the agreement some sellers (like myself) always go up and over on our delivers to ensure good ratings and hopefully a tip. These metrics can help your gig placement, build up relationships with clients for repeat business, increase revenue and so on.

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  10. there were 5 orders between 995 and 890 USD. And I don’t care about Fiverr’s business if Fiverr doesn’t care about mine, I pay fair 20% of each order (and tips) to the platform, so I think that’s fair if they cover these drawbacks of their own system which occured for the first time with me. Why even making this “seller protection program” if it doesn’t protect and tech support that doesn’t support ?!

    drawbacks of their own system

    It is not a drawback of their own system, chargebacks can happen to any business and is designed to protect the consumer. The seller protection program states “In cases where the service was provided in full” and " the order is subject to a review by our Trust and Safety team", we cannot fully determine what you are saying from only one side of the story (although it would appear so). At the end of the day this is how the company operates and i do not think there is a company in the world that would offer you that level of protection you are looking.

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  11. As I also explained to @mariashtelle1 I share the same sentiment of “you get what you pay for”, but the things I got delivered were technical mistakes (again, not just my “opinion”, we’re talking about actual mistakes).

    When I buy a product I do expect the product to not have any faults. I don’t care what price range I pay for that product, if it is advertised as a viable product I won’t accept getting something broken in return.

    The fact that they “delivered a video” is besides the point. Using my plastic cup argument again, imagine you go to a shop and buy a plastic cup. Surely you don’t expect the cup to be a work of art, but rather only to serve its purpose as a cup. If you buy that cup in good faith, but later come to realize that the cup is leaking from the bottom I’m pretty sure you would also find that unacceptable, and not according to the purpose of the cup. Let’s say you go back to the store to change the cup, and the cashier tells you “but you did get a cup!”. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be too happy.

    Bottom line is that, I get it, people want to make money but if they advertise themselves as possessing skills they don’t actually have then they’re ruining for themselves. If they want to sell a service or product they should at least make sure they are able to make something worth the money they’re paid.

    The expensive cup and the cheap cup are both typically made by the same manufacturer. The issue here is you have picked a poor / extremely unreliable manufacturer to create your product. You are not buying from a shop, you are buying from the creator and thus the mistakes/poor quality issue have occurred. There is no excuse for this but this is typically the reason why.

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  12. As someone who lives in England, the amount of money represents more than an entire month’s income to me. I’m sure there will be some readers in other parts of the world saying it represents closer to three month’s income - and others, even six month’s income.

    Assuming the op’s story is genuine, how on earth can he carry on working on a platform that allows this to happen? I would forever be thinking what if it happens again? Where is the protection for the seller? It’s a case of once bitten twice shy.

    I’m forever banging on in the forum about how sellers have to protect their account. Fiverr is my preferred freelancing platform, but one of the ways I protect my account is by not accepting orders that take any longer than half a day maximum. That way if the buyer turns out to be fraudulent then I can live with the results.

    Fiverr is a good fit with smaller jobs, but for me it’s too risky for larger jobs. The op’s experience is yet another reminder why I always say no to longer duration jobs.

    Trust me, i know… i live in the UK as well and i have experienced a typical “months salary” chargeback. I think you are missing my point, it is not about Fiverr letting this happen, the chargeback eco system is the real issue.

    It can happen to any company and depending on what the customer has said is the reason, it is designed to be a genuine protective measure against fraudulently purchases.

    If Fiverr paid back every single chargeback there would be no business… This is an issue on both sides of the coin, buyers and sellers can be fraudulent.

  13. Sorry to hear this experience but do not let that reflect badly on other creators on the Fiverr platform, the talent here is exceptional. @mariashtelle1 made a great point about the going rate, you most probably hired someone that is not actually skilled in that arena but knows how to use the basics of the software. I have not seen the video but they did deliver a video, the quality is another discussion. The licence for Adobe Premier Pro (fairly industry standard editing programme) is around is $20-30 per month, hopefully that puts into perspective. The famous saying always come to mind “you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Mistakes should definitely not happen but it is possible that these are not mistakes in their eyes as they are not trained in this industry but just looking to make some money (especially in the poorer regions of the world). Cheers.

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  14. There’s taking a hit - and there’s taking a hit.

    We’re not talking about $36 or $360 (which would be bad enough), we’re talking more than $3,600.

    That’s a crazy amount of money to lose, and I say that as someone who lives in the south of England - an expensive part of the world.

    Assuming the op’s post is true - and I have no reason to believe it isn’t - how can a seller have any faith that this won’t happen again?

    I just don’t think it is reasonable to simply say ‘take the hit and move on’. What has happened is fraud. Justice needs to prevail here.

    Unfortunately, you have to I am afraid…although it seems like “$3600” in theory it is much smaller amount from Fiverr’s perspective (remember they are the ones who have been “chargebacked” not the seller) and like any business they need to justify to value in battling this.

    As far as i am away OP mentioned the orders where split between several orders, so we are talking about a couple of hundred dollars worth (for each order) from a multimillion dollar corporation, they will not waste time battling something that could cost them more money/time/resources.

    I am not 100% sure how the procedure goes with chargeback cases but the only way to challenge this (as far as i know) is if the chargeback was in itself a fraudulent dispute.

    We are not privy to what the customer or what the bank are saying and if Fiverr’s 1st or 2nd response is disputed (not sure how long these can go on for) then i highly doubt they are going to keep battling to win a total value of $720 (total value of the order for Fiverr).

    Remember there is possibly 100,000 of these per month that they need to deal with, it sucks but just trying to hopefully shed another perspective on this.

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