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  1. Thank you both. I was just really shaken and lashed out. I’m really sorry. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Well you technically did… Why would you sign your account into something unrelated to your order and a clear ToS violation? If I sent you a link now you would open and sign into just because? Fiverr probably isn’t going to sympathize with you breaking their rules and voluntarily compromising my your personal account. You did it. I’m sorry, I feel you’ve misunderstood. I’m not stupid, so please don’t speak to me like I’m a child. I assumed that I needed to sign in to use the website, as it is for many other websites. You can’t just get on Fiverr and buy or sell without an account, so I gave the buyer the benefit of the doubt because that’s the right thing to do. It didn’t seem suspicious until my account was hacked. It wasn’t unrelated to the order, as I was told it would take me to something they wanted something similar (I sell stories, and I’ve had plenty of people provide me examples of what they’d like to see.) I wouldn’t open a link you sent me, as you aren’t buying from me. I didn’t violate anything and I didn’t break any rules.
  3. I reported a buyer because I was suspicious. They sent me a link, and I trusted it, as no other buyer has scammed me before. When I clicked it, it made me sign in my google account. Then, google notifies me, saying that my account has been opened in another country, somewhere I have never been and would never have any reason to go to. I check this person out, and they lied saying they have a HUGE following and I’m not the first buyer they’ve worked with, but they have zero orders and only made an account very recently. I reported them, and was wondering how I’d know if Fiverr blocked them, as I had to click other for my reason and then explained it.
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