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  1. At least wizard is free for commercial use… But if you think about it, taking pictures from internet someone else created and mashing them together don’t make it right to use as “your own”. Report and ask for your money back.
  2. Oh, so it’s not just me. When I try to backtrack it they run 😕
  3. Sorry, I cant to better that this 😕
  4. Why lvl 2? Here you go :rofl: Capture.PNG1705×661 270 KB
  5. Just to clarify, I have other source of income and unlike you I don’t care much but it doesn’t mean i wont accept work here. I understand what work is asked from me and how much time it would take me to do it. Unlike you I’m not offending anyone in this community nor am I trying to hinder someone trying to earn (either on the said or as a main income). You on the other hand are not a very mature person and feel threatened by new people here. If you were “experienced” and capable as well as confident in your ability to get the job done, you wouldn’t argue but accept the things the way they are and try to improve on what you are lacking.
  6. After reading all these post from you… I personally don’t care much if i get work here or not. But your altitude explains your post and your fear as well.
  7. Why would you be afraid of little competition? For example when I see someone saying he will create desktop application with all kinds of things for 5$ i lmao, not because he says he will do it for that amount, just because I know its a copy/paste from internet and without any chance of debugging it. It goes for many other gigs. I wouldnt worry too much about it.
  8. Just like wolfhowler said. Don’t stray to much from your gig specifications, just expand or reduce to degree that you see fit for the gig description.
  9. LoL this thread xD Makes you wonder how many sellers would buy: “Cast a spell to be no 1 on fiverr” xD LMAO
  10. If you want send me the sketches and the way you presented your job to those people you mentioned and i will tell you if you did ok (that is if its clear and understandable).
  11. This only proves one thing. You dont need to create a good or well working platform to get ton of cash xD
  12. I vote for 3x charge of original rate in those cases. CS should implement that for sure, just because people learn lesson when they get smacked on the wallet.
  13. Yeah, but world is strange and you would be surprised how many people get by on someone else’s back.
  14. You would probably say that paying more than 100USD for a desktop application is too much aswell, but you who don’t appreciate someone’s work and time they invest into the things they do are better off looking for those who charge less and have little no understanding for things they do, or in best case scenario copy paste someones work ( assuming that copied work is a good practice ). I’m not saying everyone who charges more is better, my point is that some things shouldn’t be low priced.
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