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  1. Yes you are right and not only here in many countries it is not working and no idea why cs does not help in this case dont know why
  2. it does not work for various countries i dont know why I am from Pakistan and used 4 family cards nothing of them works it says there is an issue with your payment and if contact cs they dont help they just say use paypal but paypal is banned in my country if I tell this to cs again they send me over and over again the same text we are sorry you can try paypal
  3. Hello, all Users I hope you are good I have something tell I dont know what am i doing wrong This is the second time I contacted CS and they gave me a warning. The first time was when a buyer contacted me and asked me to download po** films for him I straight away reported his profile and in return, CS gave me warning for offering ■■■■■■ content I was surprised and shocked I thought it might be a mistake and didn’t bother to contact cs now 2nd time I have been warned because I reported them that buyer has taken the work and is asking me to cancel the order now I gave them all the proofs and also attached a screen video of the proof work that I did but in return, Fiver reported me for asking the buyer to accept the delivery, like seriously I think Fiver CS dose not like a seller reporting buyer because buyer are the ones who are making money for Fiver. Does anyone else ever faced this
  4. I dont think this is a bug if this is a bug then its from years every time when I have delivered the order and the buyer is not accepting/not active then after the delivery time passes this shows to me every time late
  5. CS is always in buyer favor no matter how good you are
  6. I will fix your Fiverr website bug in 5$ I am a very professional web developer with 0 knowledge about programming Try me once and you will block me forever Thanks 😃
  7. Hello Fiverr Family I have an issue with my Fiverr app it is showing the next evaluation on May 15 instead of June 15 is anyone else facing this issue on the Fiver app?
  8. Mostly we receive an email when we are warned and Fiver page shows us the warning too but in this case, I didn’t receive any email from Fiver and the warning I received was for abusive language which I never did I respectfully left the chat after buyer started abusing me and just to his profile and simply reported him
  9. Yes(no information was shared with buyer) I even did’nt abused him in return not even replied to him.Just went to his profile and simply reported him
  10. I am very scared to contact them maybe they will send me another warning and block my account
  11. Hello Fiverr Family, I want to know something. I received a text from a buyer where he said me to contact home outside fiver I told him this is not allowed in Fiverr but he then started abusing me I reported his profile as abusive behaviour and instead of blocking him Fiver sent me a warning. I have lost my mind what is this, has anyone ever encountered this your report a buyer and fiver send you warning for reporting buyer LOL seriously
  12. Yes it is but you will get the batch today 15 may at afternoon
  13. I can feel you. If you check the Fiverr forum page you will see that a lot of sellers are complaining that buyer has cancelled the order why because from last month there are a lot of bugs on platform Fiverr support team is not responding to emails this is increasing the number of scams on Fiver I believe
  14. Since last month a lot of sellers are complaining that buyers are cancelling the order after they get their delivery. I think this is true because fiver support team is no more active. I have submitted 3-4 queries but no reply and this is the reason which is causing an increased number of scams. what do you think?
  15. Cs is not replying to me either almost 72 hours I submitted a query still no response. I don’t know if it is true or not I have heard that fiverr team is changed that is the reason of so many bugs these days on Fiverr
  16. weird have you contacted support team i just delivered and hour ago everything was fine
  17. I first tried in logo making but when I saw more than 200 sent requests on buyer proposals I quit logo designing at the same moment and started selling other services
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