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  1. Hey, what do you think of my gig and what can I improve in my gig. I know about my slow response time. It has a different story. https://www.fiverr.com/mamoon2108/do-background-removal-in-2-hours
  2. I don’t think so, because I’ve been sending offers since 3 days now. Some of the requests had a delivery time of 1 day. After 2 days also it’s still in my dashboard. I guess fiver removes it after some period of time or they are like that forever (which I don’t think is the case)
  3. I was going to add my first gig, but then I heard about this bug which is not letting sellers view their statistics. I know I can add my gig anytime and my gig will be active but I also know I will be very curious to see my statistics from the first day. So I just want to know has this bug ended?
  4. Is sharing gigs on social media very important for getting first order? Can I still get my first order without sharing my gigs on social media?
  5. Thanks a lot. It means I can use this as my gig image?
  6. Is this a good thumbnail for my gig (background removal) Logopit_15885184968321925×1295 845 KB
  7. Thank you all of you who replied me and I am going for the PayPal method.
  8. What is the best way to withdraw my fiver income as a teenager in India?
  9. So can I use my mobile no. which I used to verify my currently deactivated account to verify my in my new seller account
  10. I deactivated my account to change my username, but I forgot to change the email address of my account. Now I want to reactivate my account. Is it possible? Then how?
  11. I deactivated my fiver account because I wanted to change my username. Now I want to use the same e-mail address which I was using in my previous account. If I can’t use that e-mail, then how can I reactivate my previous account( It wasn’t deactivated because of fiver policy violation).
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