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  1. Search your gig in your category, if it's on first page then means your gig ranked well. Gig move on category according to ranking.
  2. Congrats!!! Try to deliver Order ASAP. Also walk extra till buyer satisfaction and delivery everything quickly but with quality work.
  3. Share your gig on social media.
  4. No, you can't type "@" but if you send with other combination may Fiverr detect your combination, and then they will block you. Some time many scammers ask for emails or direct contact and if you provided they will report you and your account will be restricted immediately.
  5. - Submit regularly Buyer request with precise content - Don't try to contact directly with buyer, even buyer share email or number. Just say it's against the Fiverr policy, i can't make direct contact. - Don't ask for direct pay or external source for payments. - Display original and unique work. - For fast reply, please prepare Quick Response pre typed reply. - Description content should be unique and your own, not copy past. - Don't use fake image on DP.
  6. Yes, when your any gig disqualified then your whole account gigs consider as disqualified and disappear from Search and also disappear from category. It's you can say big bug at Fiverr end, but they don't know. Many sellers facing this issue, all gigs even return after long time when gig qualified for Promo feature. So no solution for this.
  7. Yes cancellation effect on Order completion rate and it also effects on your Gig position. Try to walk extra rather than cancellation.
  8. Simply say please fix it and if he’s willing then good otherwise contact to support they will resolve your issue.
  9. Simply say before Order i can’t start work. If he wants to see your work then refer toward your profile. First negotiate about charges and after placing order you can start work. Normally scammer do like this. Nothing free here.
  10. Yes, if seller delivered empty zip file then no worry, first contact with seller and ask for files but if seller don’t send then you can contact to SUPPORT and after reviewing empty file they will cancel and refund you. Now a days response from support may take up to10 days for human response but after 2-3 days reply (?) on created ticket and within 2,3 days they will definitely respond you.
  11. Wait for 2 days more if you’re still getting same issue then contact with Support they will resolve your issue.
  12. Here no special things for ranking Gig on first page, gig ranked with different thing Number of Orders, Orders completing rate, Cancellation rate, Response rate, how quickly you delivered order etc. how you can get more order it depends on the quality of your show case and idea. At initial stage you submit proposal on buyer request regularly.
  13. Yes it effects, but after 60 days it’s effect expire.
  14. Yes it’s against the TOS, So Cancel the Order.
  15. I hope at the end of this week.
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