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  1. I am seller on the fiverr and I noticed every time and also my clients complain that they download zip file on mobile but there is error in the file but if they download from desktop website, it’ll work perfectly. I don’t know what is the issue with fiverr app. Please try to solve this issue
  2. There are always level 2 or top rated sellers that are on the back. I myself was on the last pages for over 6 months. However your goal as a freelance and owner of your business is to build a business that doesn’t depend on fiverr algorithm. Then what is the benefit of fiverr platform?
  3. Also my gig on last page I am level 2 seller, all 5 stars
  4. How did you come to such conclusion? Your profile shows currently one Gig. You have 5 orders in queue. I don’t get it. :thinking: My friend said that all his gigs on the last page
  5. How did you come to such conclusion? Your profile shows currently one Gig. You have 5 orders in queue. I don’t get it. :thinking: Yeah you are right, but all that orders placed 3 months ago but clients not submit any requirements. So all that orders are only placed not start yet
  6. Fiver said this is Gig Rotation and they support new sellers. I totally agree with this but this is not a Gig Rotation. This is Profile Rotation, because they rotate whole profile, that’s the reason for your all gig send back to last page. Fiverr please tell me then what is the meaning of creating more gig, I don’t know why you do this with all your sellers, if you want to help new sellers then why you send all gigs at last page at same time, this is completely profile rotation. This not a gig rotation Rotate only Gigs not whole profile at a time. If you have any answers please reply
  7. 100 impressions per day and my gig is on the last page but the more weird thing is that I am always getting 5 star reviews on new orders which are getting placed by our old clients but I see no increase in impressions. If anyone knows the reason or how to solve this issue, please let us know.
  8. @marinapomorac Thank you so much 😊 I just checked all the pages and now my gig is visible on 20th page.
  9. Yes, we did but we only added an FAQ nothing else. We did not edit any tag or price.
  10. @marinapomorac thank you for this information and please also suggest what can I do for bringing my gig in Top 5 again, Should I do all same steps again which I did in the starting. I have completed 250+ Orders with 5 star rating, total reviews 200 and most of them are with 5 star . Please suggest what can I do. I have also complained this to fiverr support but they said that everything is okay. Its a very big issue that i am facing, we fell from 5K/ day impressions to 50/day.
  11. Actually I face the issue in the month of October 2020 and it is 3 time when I facing the issue. Please help if you can and suggest me what i can do? Please Help
  12. Dark mode. I’m waiting for Fiverr dark mode. Hope Fiverr work on it.
  13. Can anyone send me the screenshot of that page in which fiverr asks buyer to show delivery images in seller’s portfolio?
  14. Hey Fiver team, We are a new seller on Fiverr and we don’t know is this issues only for me or others too. We have an issue with custom offer. Once the custom offer is sent, it cannot be edited again. I think this is little bit disappointing. If you provide edit button on custom offer, it will help seller to edit offer instead of withdrawing it again and again and create new offer from scratch. I’m not saying that you take off “Withdraw button” No doubt it is really helpful but, also add the edit button I hope you like our suggestion and working on it ASAP.
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