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  1. I don’t want to, thanks for suggestion . My skill is web development .
  2. Fish Market . As far I have seen after covid the number of proposals on offer have increased too much. Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 11.01.44 PM2438×236 33.7 KB
  3. You are not alone. Basically after pandemic many people lost their jobs and they have now opted freelancing as their source of income that’s why there is higher competition now .Maintain your good rating, respect customers you will surely have good business ! .
  4. The Average price is the price of the gigs you sell overall. Like you get 3 orders of $12, $10, 15 so your average price is 12.3
  5. Sure, I will read forum more and will research . Thanks For Guidance and tips everyone 🙂
  6. You are right , Most of them are garbage and copy pasted replies. Thanks for your words and helping out !
  7. Haven’t you heard? Fiverr owes it to we longtime sellers to do what we want. It’s a charity for bringing us business (sarcasm) No one succeeds in business with this entitled, irrational attitude. Thanks a lot everyone for helping and sharing up the views, I will now surely implement more dedication.
  8. Check this out: GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR Thanks a lot for this .
  9. I am just looking out for some greater help that how could I improve and get my sales back. I have applied all the ways mentioned on forum but still get no sales since 6 months. I dropped my prices, changed images, change description , changed title .
  10. If you can’t console anyone or can’t understand someone feelings and hardwork that they put in to this platform then you can’t understand anything.
  11. I already did the research as I have mentioned. In all of threads it says , Improve images, title and lower the prices ! and I have done all of that
  12. As far I have seen fiverr is now promoting new sellers and boosting their sales and they get sales in the first few months after they register . Whereas old seller are getting on the last page . I had no orders since 5-6 months. I have great knowledge of SEO and know how to rank fiverr gigs but still its on last page and my impressions dropped from 4-5k to 300-400 and I don’t get an single click on my gigs. I even dropped my prices a lot but didn’t got any result and had implemented all of the instructions and tips available at fiverr forum. Your views on it ? And Need Your Help on this ! , thanks
  13. Most of the people those who post buyer requests on fiverr are fake , Just because they don’t hire and maybe they are usually for seeing every one’s job cover letter so they can apply with same tactics, few of them are original and most of the complicated work is being posted on fiverr buyer request and they want that work to be done in budget of 5-10$ for a job of 150-300$ and most of the new sellers destroys the market by offering that work in 5-10$ . I am saying this after having a having experience on fiverr of more than 3 years at fiverr as seller. Looking forward to everyone views on it .
  14. Hi, I was earning a well before through I used to have orders and I was being a level 2 seller and my gigs used to rank at first or second page, But in last 3-4 months I didn’t got any single order and my gigs impressions and clicks got too low that I cant even Imagine , Even I changed my descriptions and tags but no luck. I don’t know why its happening like that, feels like my account got too low and its difficult now to get orders back and rise again 😦 …
  15. I’m right now a level one seller and have also completed my level 2 seller requirements but I don’t have orders since many days so my rating bar isn’t showing anything as have no rated orders since 60 days , other level 1 standards are maintained , Can this stop me from being level 2 seller ? As the evaluation is tomorrow .My All time rating is 5 star.
  16. I’m really sorry for that, It was replied to your comment mistakenly 🙂
  17. First of all it’s useless to send 10 buyer requests if there is nothing relevant to what you can do or if requests are obscene like create 5 websites for 5$. Secondly I’m a level 2 seller with more than 1000 orders. So do you think that I wrote good or bad description? I wrote for chondona_editor & nr_graphic_9117 🙂
  18. Then why are you giving advices if that doesn’t work for you??? Did you used all the daily 10 buyer request ? Did you wrote a good description of your gig ?
  19. Suddenly, impressions of all my gigs fall from 10k-8k to 38-50 and now its showing N/A ,with a top bar “We are working on your views and impressions.” And my gig rank also dropped from 1st-2nd page to 10th page.Anyone else facing the same problem ?
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